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Bulldog Mix Puppies – Many Stout and Sturdy Options Abound

Bulldog Mix Puppies

Bulldog mix puppies can give their owners the best of both worlds wrapped into a small bundle of joy.

Purebred Bulldogs are known for their muscular stature, wrinkled faces and sour looks, but as a whole the breed is a gentle, loving type of dog.

By crossing a purebred Bulldog with a purebred dog of another breed, you can experience the excitement of not knowing quite what to expect as your dog grows into her own personality.

Beyond that, it’s possible to develop a bond with your dog well above what many purebred owners have with their dogs because they see their dogs as a breed rather than individuals.

Why Choose a Bulldog Mix Instead of a Purebred?

One advantage of choosing a Bulldog mix over a purebred Bulldog is that certain genetic weaknesses of a purebred can be minimized by crossing the breed with another that does not have the same hereditary problems.

As an example, Bulldogs are notoriously stubborn and difficult to train, so crossing a Bulldog with a more intelligent breed that responds well to training can decrease your puppy’s inherited willful personality.

Likewise, mixing another breed with a Bulldog can also diminish undesirable characteristics of the other breed.

In the end, a good way to get an idea of what to expect if you choose one of the Bulldog mixes for sale is to research characteristics of the other parent and expect a puppy that falls somewhere between the two.

Common Health Issues of Bulldog Mix Puppies

Since your puppy’s appearance and personality will be different depending on what her breed her other parent is, there are some distinct traits of Bulldogs that you should keep an eye out for that require special attention.

Special Cleaning Needs

If your puppy has the traditional Bulldog nose with folds across the top, be sure to gently clean the folds every day to prevent moisture from building up and leading to a possible bacterial infection. Keep an eye on your puppy’s tail too, because some Bulldog tails are curled so tightly next to their bodies that they may need to be cleaned and coated with ointment on a regular basis.

Hip Dysplasia

According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Bulldogs are the most common breed to develop hip dysplasia. Adopting one of the Bull dog mixes instead of a purebred might help prevent hip dysplasia, but you won’t know for sure until your puppy gets older.

Give your puppy the best chance against hip dysplasia by keeping him from climbing and jumping often while he’s young to give his hips a chance to become strong. Carry him around with you when he’s young, keep him off of stairs, and put crate him when you travel in the car to keep him from jumping on and off the seats.

List of Some of the Most Common Bulldog Mixed Breeds

American Bandogge

The American Bandogge is a mix between a Mastiffand a Bulldog.


The Beabull is a mix between a Beagle and a Bulldog.


The Boodle is a mix between a Poodle and a Bulldog.

Boston Bulldog

The Boston Bulldog is a mix between a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog.


The Bulljack is a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Bulldog.


The Bullgle is a combination of breeds consisting of a Beagle, a Pug and a Bulldog.


The Bullmatian is a mix between a Dalmatian and a Bulldog.


The Bullpei is a mix between a Chinese Shar-Pei and a Bulldog.


The Bullweiler is a mix between a Rottweiler and a Bulldog.


The Bullwhip is a mix between a Whippet and a Bulldog.

Bully Basset

The Bully Basset is a mix between a Basset Hound and a Bulldog.


The Bullypit is a mix between a Pit Bull and a Bulldog.


The Cockerbull is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Bulldog.

Doberman Bulldog

The Doberman Bulldog is a mix between a Doberman Pinscher and a Bulldog.

Eng Am Bulldog

The Eng Am Bulldog is a mix between a American Bulldog and a Bulldog.

English Bulldog Terrier

The English Bulldog Terrier is a mix between a Bull Terrier and a Bulldog.

Lhasa Bull

The Lhasa Bull is a mix between a Lhasa Apso and a Bulldog.

Mountain Bulldog

The Mountain Bulldog is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Bulldog.

Valley Bulldog

The Valley Bulldog is a mix between a Boxer and a Bulldog.

American Chow

The American Chow is a mix between a Chow Chow and a American Bulldog.

American Dane

The American Dane is a mix between a Great Dane and an American Bulldog.

American Neo Bull

The American Neo Bull is a mix between a Neapolitan Mastiff and an American Bulldog.

BD Terrier

The BD Terrier is a mix between a Bull Terrier and an American Bulldog.


The Bullkita is a mix between a Akita and an American Bulldog.


The Bulloxer is a mix between a Boxer and an American Bulldog.


The Mastibull is a mix between a Mastiff and an American Bulldog.

Is a Bulldog Mix Puppy Right for You?

Keep in mind that mixed puppies have wide variety in their appearances, personalities and health issues.

Mixed puppies need to have owners that can accommodate a dog that may need a lot of room to run or very little space, a dog that might get along well with others or need her own space.

However, if you are looking for dogs that you can grow to know as individuals and can accept them no matter what their personalities or sizes, then Bulldog mix puppies could be a great choice for you!