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Chihuahua Breed Information – Long Haired, Short Hair, Teacup and More

Chihuahua Breed Information

Although Chihuahua breed information tends to be different depending on what websites you visit or books you read, we will attempt to give you an overview of the different types of Chihuahuas that you can choose from and (where possible) even bring you some pictures of Chihuahua puppies just to get you going.

Without a doubt, the Chihuahua puppy dog has become one of the most popular pets in the United States today.  Of course there are a number of reasons for this but mostly it’s because they can be the ultimate house dog.  This makes the adorably cute Chihuahua a perfect fit for today’s urban dweller.

Although a Chihuahua is not a terrier it displays some of the qualities that are found in them.  One of the unique characteristics of the Chihuahua dog breed is that it doesn’t realize how small it is.  Like the terrier, a Chihuahua puts on a brave front when walking down the street on a leash with its owner.

Because of this, a Chihuahua can make an excellent watchdog since they are usually very alert and have exceptional hearing.  In addition, they have a bark which matches their attitude.

Lastly, the Chihuahua is a well-known lapdog and a notorious cuddler.  Most little Chihuahua puppies will gladly lay in your lap for as long as you are willing to let them.  If your lap isn’t available as a source of warmth, don’t be surprised to see your Chihuahua resting in front of the window on a sunny day or curled up into a ball with his nose tucked beneath his leg to keep cozy.

So if this kind of cuddly companion sounds like the right fit for you, then your next step will be to figure out whether you want a long haired Chihuahua or a short haired Chihuahua.  To help you out a bit we’ve got some pictures of Chihuahuas covering virtually every color and marking imaginable.

Comparing the Differences between a Long Haired Chihuahua and a Short Haired Chihuahua

Long Haired Chihuahua

The long haired Chihuahua doesn't shed quite as much as short hair and also tend to withstand colder temperatures a bit better

So before you dive headfirst into the world of newborn Chihuahua puppies, let’s take a look at the differences between the two starting with long coat Chihuahuas and then short hair Chihuahuas.

Long coat Chihuahua puppies have a better ability to withstand colder temperatures. Although the breed itself does not tolerate cold

for very long periods anyway, long hair Chihuahua puppies tend to fare better overall. For example, if you live in a more seasonal climate (which experiences colder temperatures) a short walk for a long hair Chihuahua in brisk settings is much more tolerable than it is for a short coat Chihuahua.

Long hair Chihuahuas tend to shed less. Although long haired Chihuahua puppies do shed on a seasonal basis, typically twice every year, afterwards their coats tend to stay fairly low maintenance. Conversely, short haired Chihuahua puppies will constantly shed and re-grow new fur which means ongoing grooming and maintenance for its owner.

The long haired Chihuahua puppy tends to have a slightly more modest personality. Although this observation about long haired Chihuahuas can vary from dog to dog, most owners would agree that their puppy tends to take longer to warm up to strangers than its short haired counterpart.

Short Haired Chihuahua

A short haired Chihuahua will love to stay by your side

Short haired Chihuahua puppies win first place in cuddling! If your intention is to get a Chihuahua puppy for the cuddle factor then a short coat Chihuahua should be your pick. These little guys will never leave your side if given the choice. After all, they have to stay warm somehow…

Curiously, both longhair Chihuahua puppies and short hair Chihuahua puppies are typically littermates. Therefore, while it’s possible to track down long hair Chihuahua breeders it may not always be necessary since there will usually be a couple in a litter. Of course, there are long haired Chihuahua breeders across the country but if you happen to know someone who has a pregnant female Chihuahua you might want to wait a bit and see if you can get your pick of the litter.

Are There Different Chihuahua Breeds?

When people think of the different kinds of coats that Chihuahuas can have, the various colors they can be and the different sizes they come in, it’s easy to perceive these as different Chihuahua breeds.

The truth (actually) is that there are not different Chihuahua breeds.

However, the variations that do exist can make it seem that way. Officially, according to the AKC breed standard, a Chihuahua is defined as a small dog that has either a short coat or a long coat. There is no distinction or categorization by size or coat color although these can be important factors for your decision.

Applehead Chihuahua Puppies and Deer Head Chihuahua Puppies

Applehead and Deer Head Chihuahua puppies get their names from the distinctive shape of their skulls

Therefore, below you’ll find some Chihuahua photos displaying some differences in coat color, head shape and more.

Some Popular Chihuahua Coat Colors, Markings and Head Shapes

Apple Head Chihuahuas and Deer Head Chihuahuas

Apple head Chihuahua puppies and deer head Chihuahua puppies have the name because the shape of their heads resembles an apple and that of a deer. Applehead Chihuahua puppies have a skull that appears to have a unique round quality to it that looks like the fruit is named after.

Unlike Applehead Chihuahuas, deer Chihuahua puppies have a skull which is more slender in appearance as the pics of Chihuahuas at left shows.

Upon closer examination it becomes obvious why deer head Chihuahua puppies get their name especially when viewed from the front.

Black and Tan Chihuahua

Black And White Chihuahua

Black And White Chihuahua

Black and Tan Chihuahua

Black and Tan Chihuahua

When it comes to black and tan Chihuahua puppies, the markings can vary slightly however often times they’ll resemble the ones shown in the Chihuahua pictures here. The belly area will typically have a white patch while tan markings may appear on the legs and nose.

Black and White Chihuahua

In the photo of the black and white Chihuahua shown here you can see that the head and hindquarters are black while the remainder of the puppy is white. Also note that the puppy shown here is a long coat Chihuahua.

Black Chihuahua

Blue Chihuahua

Blue Chihuahua

Black Chihuahua

Black Chihuahua

Striking in appearance, black Chihuahua puppies can really stand out in a crowd. Here you can see a black Chihuahua with just a hint of white on his belly.

Blue Chihuahua

Blue Chihuahua puppies are also known as blue merle or just merle Chihuahua puppies. Easily one of the most exotic looking Chihuahuas available, blue merle Chihuahua puppies typically have a spotting pattern that will be a mixture of black, tan, chocolate or blue as the photo here depicts.

Unfortunately, breeding of the merle Chihuahua has resulted in some serious health problems. Some of the issues known to affect blue Chihuahua’s include possible deafness and impairment of several bodily systems including but not limited to the heart and reproductive organs.

If you are considering a blue Chihuahua puppy, you should investigate the standards for the breed in your country so that you are fully aware of all of the possible problems that you may encounter with your puppy. For more information on the subject visit the AKC website at http://www.chihuahuaclubofamerica.com/breed-info/chihuahuau-breed-standard/merle-guidelines.

Brindle Chihuahua Puppies

Teacup Chihuahua

Teacup Chihuahua

Brindle Chihuahua Puppies

Brindle Chihuahua Puppies

Brindle is a popular color amongst many different breeds of dogs. However, few things are as cute as brindle Chihuahua puppies. Here you can see the picture of this Chihuahua puppy sporting his brindle coat.

Teacup Chihuahua

Technically, there is no such dog as a tea cup Chihuahua. As mentioned above, Chihuahuas are not classified by their size but rather by their coat type. Of course, dogs can be bred to be smaller as is the case with teacup Chihuahua puppies but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still Chihuahuas.

Even so, the site of a mini Chihuahua is undeniably cute which goes a long way to explaining their popularity.

However, there’s actually a considerable amount of erroneous teacup Chihuahua information out there… As mentioned earlier, the AKC standard for a Chihuahua does not consider size. Perhaps another way to imagine this is to think about a litter of puppies much like a group of siblings.

Some of them will be taller, some shorter, some slimmer and some larger. So too is the case with teacup Chihuahuas. The truth is that tea cup Chihuahuas are just tiny Chihuahua puppies.

There just isn’t a teacup Chihuahua puppy breed.

That said, there are a number of colorful terms used to describe tiny Chihuahuas of this size. Many of the most popular descriptions besides tea cup Chihuahua puppies are things like:

  • Pocket Chihuahua
  • Tiny Chihuahua
  • Toy Chihuahua
  • Miniature Chihuahua
  • Micro Chihuahua

    White Chihuahua

    White Chihuahua

So, no matter how to you refer to them, if you’re interested in a small Chihuahua then they definitely fit the bill. Most of these compact little guys may max out at a weight of only 3 pounds – wow!

White Chihuahua

Last but not least is our friend the white Chihuahua puppy. Most white Chihuahua puppies will have a solid color pattern with somewhat translucent ears. Although the puppy in this photo has a short coat the white long haired Chihuahua is also a popular pick.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this short tour of Chihuahua breed information (plus a few Chihuahua puppy pictures), so possibly it’ll get you closer to making a choice of coat type, color and size that’s right for you!