German Shepherd Akita Mix Puppies – Shepkita Puppies

German Shepherd Akita mix puppies might be the type of dog you are looking for if you are looking for a larger, protective type dog.

Shepkita Puppy Quick Stats

» A combination of a German Shepherd and an Akita
» Average estimated lifespan of between 8 – 12 years
» Average estimated weight of between 80 – 100 pounds
» Average height of approximately 22 – 26 inches
» Training difficulty – High
» Grooming requirement – High
» Exercise requirement – Medium

While these types might not appeal to all, it is a mix worth looking into if considering a dog of larger size.

An Akita Shepherd is a cross between an Akita and a German Shepherd. Both are large breed dogs that are very intelligent and versatile. Each breed comes with its own traits and people have found that the combination of these two breeds creates a mixed breed that blends well and highlights the good parts of each breed.

Characteristic Traits of a German Shepherd Akita Mix

German Shepherds are a well-recognized breed of dog. These dogs are frequently used to serve people. You can find German Shepherds working as police dogs, guard dogs and seeing eye dogs. These dogs are intelligent, strong, hardworking and eager to work. With training, these dogs are very obedient and are faithful companions.

Akitas are loyal and protective over their family units. They have a strong temperament and do well with consistent, firm training. These dogs require early socialization as they can be aggressive towards outside people, dogs and animals.

German Shepherd Akita Mix

The German Shepherd Akita mix will grow into a dog with a striking appearance, large stature and sturdy frame

Akitas are quick to protect people and animals that are part of their family. Unfamiliar people and animals may trigger the protective instinct in this breed so it is best to be sure that you have spent considerable amount of time training your dog. Having an animal that is well trained is one of the best ways to minimize potential conflicts.

The German Shepherd Akita mix tends to produce dogs that are large in nature, ranging from 60 pounds and up. They have large feet and most have a tail that curls up like that of the Akita. They have a very sturdy frame that allows them to handle all types of environments. They tolerate temperature extremes and are quite adaptable.

Training German Shepherd Akita Mix Puppies

Many Akita owners have found the Akita to have a somewhat stubborn natures, this mix produces a dog that is typically less aggressive and more compliant with training. Since both breeds are strong willed, training needs to start as soon as the puppy is brought home.

Training should be firm, consistent and full of positive reinforcement. These dogs love to please their owners. They have deep barks but are not prone to bark excessively. They are protective and territorial and quickly learn who their family is.

Appearance of the German Shepherd Akita Mix

The Akita Shepherd mix has thick short hair. They tend to shed a lot if not brushed regularly. They do not require extensive grooming but regular grooming will drastically cut down on the shedding.

Their heads are typically larger than a German Shepherd but with a shorter muzzle. They are typically broader and come in a variety of different colors. However, standard German Shepherd coloring is common.

The German Shepherd Akita mix may not be the dog for everyone. This is a dog that will require early and consistent training. However, people looking for large, somewhat independent dogs that are fiercely loyal and protective of their family, may find German Shepherd Akita mix puppies to be their perfect choice.

Photos by Creative Commons Attribution SharealikeEraPhernalia Vintage