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German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies – Gerberian Shepsky Puppies

German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies

If you are looking for an energetic and high drive pet for your family, then perhaps German Shepherd Husky mix puppies are the dog for you. With genes from two of the most intense dog breeds in the world, you can be sure to get a lovable handful.

Gerberian Shepsky Puppy Quick Stats

» A combination of a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky
» Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
» Average estimated lifespan of between 10 – 14 years
» Average estimated weight of between 70 – 90 pounds
» Average height of approximately 22 – 25 inches
» Training difficulty – High
» Grooming requirement – High
» Exercise requirement – Medium

Information on Shepherd Husky Mixes

The German Shepherd Husky mix, or Gerberian Shepsky, is a new hybrid or “designer dog” that was not intentionally crossed for any specific reasons. Within the past few decades, the popularity of crossing well known pure breeds has created a rainbow of different dogs to choose from.

Because the German Shepherd Husky mix is considered a new hybrid, there is not much information specific to the puppies that come from this breed crossing. So far, the best anyone can do is compare the two breeds and take into account the people who currently own this cross today.

Characteristics and Traits of Husky Shepherd Mixes

German Shepherd Dogs and Siberian Huskies are two very different breeds. Where they do share similarities is where you will be able to determine what kind of dog your puppy will grow up to be.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

A German Shepherd Husky mix like the one shown here has a strong lineage on both sides as a working dog

Both breeds were originally bred to be high energy working dogs. This means you can be sure that your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy will be very energetic and prey driven. Most German Shepherd Husky mixes exhibit the intelligence and independence of the two pure breeds.

Because the Siberian Husky is a medium sized dog and the German Shepherd is a large breed dog, your hybrid can be anywhere from 35-85 pounds and 20-26 inches tall at the shoulder. The coat should be similar to that of the Husky, being double coated like both breeds, but longer and fluffier.

Training and Care of a Gerberian Shepsky

As mentioned before, the German Shepherd Husky mix is a very intelligent and high energy mix of working dogs. Because of this pairing, it will be very important to provide lifelong obedience training and exercise.

The exercise should attend to both the dog’s mental and physical abilities otherwise common behavioral issues can become apparent in your dog. Exercise can come in the form of frequent one hour walks each day, biking, swimming, and even dog sports.

It is recommended that you become involved in a local obedience club that trains both beginning and advanced obedience. This kind of mental stimulation is both beneficial to your dog and to you because of the control will have over such a powerful and energetic hybrid.

Care is moderate and requires daily brushing to maintain the coat, which is prone to shedding due to both breeds coat type. With the ability of German Shepherd Husky mix to be a large dog, it is best that you feed a high quality dog food that is specially formulated for large breed dogs.

Husky German Shepherd Mix

The Husky German Shepherd mix can suffer from health disorders which affect both breeds and can include things like hip dysplasia and bloat, among others

Health Issues of Shepherd Husky Mixes

The most common and shared health concerns for both the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky include elbow and hip dysplasia, gastric torsion or bloat, and certain eye disorders.

Most of these issues can be addressed by ensuring that both parents of your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy have been OFA certified and have been screened and cleared for any genetic defects.

Thankfully, both breeds are generally healthy and genetically diverse. Also, thanks to modern medicine, many genetic disorders can be screened through blood testing, allowing you to avoid those specific health issues entirely. Make sure you check with your breeder that both parents have been blood tested and cleared of any genetic disorders.

No matter what you decide, if you are looking for a high energy intelligent dog for your family adventures, then German Shepherd Husky mix puppies may be for you.

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