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Types of German Shepherds – White, Black, Long Haired, Short Haired and Others

Types Of German Shepherds

Types of German Shepherds can be divided by their color, length of coat, and overall size. That said, some of these divisions overlap and most German Shepherds can share traits from different categories.

The traditional physical characteristic of German Shepherds is a tall animal with black and tan coloring. Shepherds, however, are a diverse breed that comes in a variety of colors from pure black to a stunning white and everything in between.

A Quick Lesson in German Shepherd Breed Information

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world today. Revered for their loyalty and capability at performing a range of tasks these dogs are valued as companions and as working dogs.

These are confident dogs without hostility. German Shepherds are often used as police dogs or guard dogs but they are also capable of being guide or helper dogs and loving family pets.

Strong in both body and will German Shepherds are versatile, intelligent, and kind. A German Shepherd of a different color is still a German Shepherd. Variations in coat color, length and even German Shepherd mixes, these dogs will still exhibit the strong personality traits of the breed.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

Long haired German Shepherd puppies are one of the more popular breeds

German Shepherd Coat Varieties

German Shepherd colors range from vibrant to diluted, patterned to a single color. The color of the coat should not be the only requirement you have for a new pet but it does help to find a color you like.

With German Shepherds the color of the coat is not an indication of its behavior or personality. A black German Shepherd is not going to be brooding and temperamental and a red German Shepherd is not going to be quick to anger.

Make sure to look past the coat and to the dog beneath before making your pick. Remember, you cannot tell much from pictures of German Shepherd puppies only that they are cute and fuzzy. And German Shepherd puppies are certainly cute and fuzzy.

Below is just a quick rundown of some of the most prolific and unique variations of coat colors. Not all these colors are going to be accepted by the American Kennel Club or other organizations so if you plan to show your new German Shepherd you may want to first make sure that the dog will be allowed to compete despite the color of its coat.

Sable German Shepherd Puppies

Sable German Shepherd puppies grow up to be magnificent dogs like the stunning one shown in the photo above

Sable German Shepherds

Sable German Shepherd puppies will have the black and tan colorings but not in the traditional saddle back configuration. The common black and tan German Shepherd has more black than the Sable variety. Sables also have tints of red at the end of their fur.

Black German Shepherds

Black German Shepherd puppies make for a magnificent animal. Somehow the black coat adds to their majesty making them look all the more regal. Pictures of German Shepherds often include snapshots of the black coat variety and it is easy to see how handsome these dogs are and why they are so cherished among owners.

Blue German Shepherds

Due to a dilution of genes that causes all black to lighten including the coat and nose, a blue German Shepherd enjoys a truly unique coloring. These puppies will often have lighter eyes as well instead of the deep brown seen in the traditionally colored German Shepherd breeds. This coat variation is a rare one and is not often seen especially in the world of competitive showing.

Black German Shepherd Puppies

Black German Shepherd puppies are highly desired due to their dazzling coat and remarkable presence

White German Shepherds

White German Shepherd puppies have been a subject of debate for decades. They are either treasured for their beauty or are looked down upon for possessing an undesirable trait. Seeing German Shepherd puppy pictures with a white ball of fur in the mix will draw anyone’s attention.

These dogs are different and certainly unique. It is important to note that an albino German Shepherd is not a white Shepherd and is the result of a different set of genes. White German Shepherds look like some ancient direwolf relative; wild and stately and is loved by owners for just those qualities.

Other German Shepherd Colors

German Shepherds are not limited to the coat color listed above. There are several variations such as the black and silver German Shepherd or even the black and white German shepherd. Each of the coat variations can take on different patterns and vibrancy.

Coat Qualities of the German Shepherd

German Shepherds come in three different coats; the double coat, long haired coat, and plush coat. The double coat is by far the most desirable but a long coat German Shepherd is perhaps the most beautiful.

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German Shepherd puppies are the subject of much debate but their striking appearance cannot be denied

A short haired German Shepherd requires less grooming than the long coat variety and is ideal if the dog is going to be a working dog or strictly a family dog. One of the cutest things in the world to see is a litter of long haired German Shepherd puppies. Looking more like fuzz balls than dogs these puppies make for some adorable German Shepherd pictures.

Special Types of German Shepherds

German Shepherd mix breeds produce some truly stunning results such as the Golden Shepherd. A mixing of a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, these mix dogs take the best qualities from both breeds and create a magnificent dog with a lush golden coat and friendly disposition.

Another type of special German Shepherd is the King German Shepherd. The King mix breed is the result of a German Shepherd and three other breeds. First developed in the 1990s these dogs are becoming very popular. Larger and far more robust than the purebred German Shepherd, the King breed is loved for its size and appearance.

The miniature German Shepherd and whether or not if it can be considered an actual German Shepherd or a mix breed is up for debate. There are camps for both sides and both sides present their arguments vehemently. These miniatures are small dogs about the size of a lap dog with the traditional coloring of a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds are a varied breed well-loved for their personality and admired for their lush coats and rich colors. It is this diversity that makes it a constant favorite for families, breeders, and even police departments.

German Shepherds make for fine pets and loyal companions no matter their size, coat, or the purity of their blood. The different types of German Shepherds available insures that everyone will find just the right dog.