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      Golden retriever puppies have been brought to the public eye through popular movies and television for years. These adorable puppies in showcase the loveability of these dogs, their gentleness and intelligent curiosity. Although Golden Retriever dogs are one of the most popular pet breeds, they can also often be found acting as guide dogs for the blind and narcotics dogs because of their intelligence and trainability. Read ahead to learn all about Golden Retrievers, including fun Golden Retriever facts, to discover if this is the dog for you!

      Introduction to the Golden Retriever Breed

      Golden Retrievers were first developed as a breed in Scotland during the 19th century as a retriever for fowl hunting. This intelligent, gentle breed is one of the most popular pet dog breeds in the world, and is often used as a guide dog, hunting dog or narcotics dog in addition to being the family pet.

      Golden Retriever Behavior, Personality and Training

      The typical Golden Retriever temperament is gentle and loyal, and they have an abundance of patience, which makes a Golden Retriever puppy an ideal choice for families with small children. Because the Golden Retriever personality is typically gentle, they do not usually do well as a guard dog. They will, however, readily announce the approach of new people with an eager bark of welcome and alert you to their presence. Golden Retriever dogs are intelligent, and they are recognized as one of the brightest dog breeds around. They do well with obedience training that lets them exercise their minds. Taking your Golden Retriever to obedience school also recognizes you as a gentle but commanding leader, which gives Golden Retrievers the guidance they need in order to prove their loyalty and respect for you. Golden Retrievers do well with other family pets, and hostility toward other dogs is so out of character for them that the American Kennel Club, or AKC, recommends penalties for this type of behavior.

      Golden Retriever Appearance

      Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs, with female Golden Retriever size measuring between 21 ½ inches and 22 ½ inches, and male size measuring 23-24 inches in height at the withers, or the highest point of the dog’s shoulders. Female Golden Retrievers weigh between 55-65 pounds, and males weigh in at 65-75 pounds.

      Golden Retriever Teeth

      Golden Retrievers have what is known as a scissors bite, meaning that the outside of the dog’s lower incisors should touch the inside of its upper incisors. It’s recommended that you check the teeth to be make sure it has a healthy jaw.

      Golden Retriever Head

      The Golden Retriever head is broad and arches slightly at the edges. A dark nose and short floppy ears are typical characteristics. When their ears are pulled over their eyes, the end of the ears should just cover their eyes. The phrase “puppy dog eyes” could easily have come from Golden Retrievers. They should have a kind, intelligent expression in their eyes.

      Golden Retriever Coat

      One of the most recognizable Golden Retriever traits is their rich golden fur, and these dogs are named after their golden coats. Although they might have some lighter feathering, these dogs should not have any white patches other than a few stray hairs. The typical Golden Retriever coat can be flat or wavy. Golden Retriever dogs are average shedders, and their dense coat sheds seasonally. Brush them at least once per week throughout the year, and daily during heavy shedding periods to keep shedding to a minimum around your home. Golden Retrievers don’t need a lot of grooming, and their coats can be kept in good condition with brushing and a dry shampoo. Because they are known to have sensitive skin conditions, they should be bathed in water only if it’s needed. Golden Retriever dogs do not need to have their coats trimmed, and it is more desirable to keep a natural-looking coat. Trim only stray hairs and the fur on their feet if it’s needed.

      Golden Retriever Health

      The average Golden Retriever life expectancy is around 11-12 years, which translates into 77-84 years old if you use the traditional dog year formula of seven years for every human year. That gives them many years full of joy to be a loyal companion for a wonderful family! The leading cause of death among Golden Retrievers is cancer. They are also affected by eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. Golden Retrievers are susceptible to skin allergies—especially flea allergies. Check your Golden Retriever puppy regularly for fleas and make sure you treat them immediately to prevent problems. Because Golden Retrievers were bred for gently retrieving dead birds, they love to get their exercise by playing all forms of fetch with their owners. Catching Frisbees or retrieving sticks and balls are ideal for Golden Retrievers. Because they have waterproof coats they also love swimming and will often jump into lakes or ponds to fetch tennis balls.

      Fun Golden Retriever Facts

      • Golden Retrievers are so loving that they have even been used by zoos to act as adoptive mothers and companions for orphaned animal cubs.
      • Work is such a natural part of them that Golden Retrievers could easily work until they collapse. Be careful not to overwork them!
      • Author Dean Koontz owns a Golden Retriever and is so fond of them that he often includes them in his novels.
      • The first three dogs to ever win the AKC Obedience Championships were Golden Retrievers. They listen so well that they consistently outshine other breeds!

      Is a Golden Retriever For You?

      If you are looking for a guard dog, then it might be in your best interest to look at a different breed. However, if you are looking for an intelligent, kind and loyal family dog, then Golden Retriever puppies could very well be in your future!