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Golden Cocker Spaniel Puppies – Cogol Puppies

Golden Cocker Spaniel Puppies

While searching for that perfect dog you may want to pause and consider that litter of squirming Golden Cocker Spaniel puppies.

Cogol Puppy Quick Stats

» A combination of a Golden Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel
» Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
» Average estimated lifespan of between 10 – 15 years
» Average estimated weight of between 40 – 60 pounds
» Average height of approximately 15 – 20 inches
» Training difficulty – Low
» Grooming requirement – Medium
» Exercise requirement – Medium

While not purebred these dogs display the traits and personality that make Golden Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels so popular. It is difficult to find a dog that will work well with your lifestyle while being suitable for your family.

Many people find that the Golden Cocker Spaniel far exceeds any expectations or requirements they might have in a potential dog.

Common Characteristics of the Golden Cocker

The Golden Cocker Spaniel is a hybrid dog created by combining a Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever. These breeds are two of the most popular dogs today and their combination makes for a truly unique and special animal.

Golden Cocker Spaniels are also called Cogol for the sake of brevity and to help set it apart from other breeds with similar names.

Golden Cocker Spaniels are medium sized dogs that average weight is about 45 pounds but can reach up to 65 pounds depending on the type of Cocker Spaniel in its heritage.

American Cocker Spaniels tend to be smaller than their English cousins. A Cogol with American Spaniel in its blood is going to be smaller than one with English Spaniel blood.

A Golden Cocker usually has a golden coat but like Golden Retrievers can range from a cream color to a deep red. Their coat is silky and soft and can be either wavy or straight. Grooming is not an issue but as long haired dogs they will shed though not as much as a Golden Retriever.

Understanding the Personality of the Cogol

Golden Cocker Spaniel pups are especially friendly and outgoing. Cogols are known for being kind and trusting. They make for great pets since their disposition is even tempered and they are generally tolerant of little kids.

While these dogs love to play they do not mind quiet moments in your lap as you read or watch TV. The main motivations for Cogols seem to be pleasing you.

Exercise and the Golden Cocker Spaniel

These dogs are gun dogs and have the instinct for it. If not properly exercised all their pint up energy may manifest in chasing squirrels, cats, and other small animals and even small children.

Unlike other larger gun dogs however Golden Cocker Spaniels do not require tons of activity just a moderate walk or an invigorating game of fetch is enough for these little dogs.

Taking Care of Your New Cogol

Bringing in a Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy into your home is no small task. You must be prepared to properly take care of your new family member. Puppies should see a vet as soon as they make it home to make sure that there are no health issues. Proper training is a must because puppies without boundaries or rules will act out.

Enjoying Your Cogol

Choose carefully from the breeders that offer Golden Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale and make sure that their facilities are clean and that they have a good history.

Cogols make wonderful pets for families even with small children. Golden Cocker Spaniel puppies are sure to find their way into your heart.