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Types of Golden Retrievers – English Cream, White, Black, Red and More

Types Of Golden Retrievers

Different types of Golden Retrievers all share the same quality; they make great pets!

Choosing your new family member and best friend is going to take time and careful consideration with Golden Retriever breeds remaining a constant favorite. These dogs are beautiful, friendly, and make for steadfast companions.

An Overview of Golden Retriever Breed Information

Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs designed to retrieve fallen quarry. Like most retrievers, the Golden Retriever has a soft mouth and a love for water. They are energetic but do not mind relaxing on the couch from time to time if the mood is right.

Exercise is a must for these dogs but a trip to the lake or an energetic run in the park twice a day is usually enough. Golden Retrievers are great family pets and are intelligent and versatile enough to make great guide dogs, rescue dogs, and general working dogs.

Golden Retrievers are even tempered and friendly even to strangers. Trusting and loyal, these dogs are well loved and not generally prone to serious behavioral complications. On average, Golden Retrievers can weigh up to 75 pounds and are well known for their lush coat and bright eyes.

English Golden Retriever

The English Golden Retriever is stockier and heavier than its counterparts hailing from either Canada or the United States

Differences in the Golden Retriever Breeds

Purebred Golden Retrievers come in a range of colors. It is easy to see why many people are shocked when they find this out since the standard Golden Retriever colors are, of course, gold.

Three Varieties of Golden Retrievers – American, English (or English Cream) and Canadian

While these three breed variations are not actually recognized as different breeds there are slight physical differences.

English Golden Retrievers, for example, are stockier than their American or Canadian counterparts. Also called English Cream Golden Retrievers these types tend to have a lighter color to their coat. Canadian Golden Retrievers are leaner and their coat is thinner. The American kind is lean as well but with a thick coat.

Along with the three variations in breed types Golden Retrievers also have three recognized and officially accepted coat colors. These colors fall more in line with what people come to expect of Golden Retrievers breeds; a stately dog with a coat like spun gold.

Three Color Categories – Light Golden, Golden, and Dark Golden

Golden Retrievers are placed into these color categories by matching the dog to the color as closely as possible.

Black Golden Retriever

The Black Golden Retriever has a striking appearance which can be a result of a recessive gene or the result of being mixed with a Black Labrador

An English Cream Golden Retriever will be placed into the Light Golden category while a purebred Golden Retriever will probably be placed in the Golden group. The great thing about Golden Retrievers is that their coats do not always fall into these neat little categories and can range from white to a deep copper.

While browsing through pictures of Golden Retrievers puppies in your quest to find that perfect bundle of fur and joy you are going to come across some of the different colors of the breed.

The Black Golden Retriever

Black Golden Retrievers come about in two ways. The first is that the black coat is the result of a recessive gene that was present in both the parents. The second way is that the black Golden Retriever is a mix breed the result of a Golden Retriever and Black Labrador.

These Golden Labradors are becoming popular in many households across the nation. The American Kennel Club does not accept a black coat in purebred Golden Retrievers so those looking for a show dog would not be interested in the variation.

The White Golden Retriever

White Golden Retriever

White Golden Retrievers like the one depicted in the photo here have an appearance that almost causes them to appear as if they are glowing

On the other end of the spectrum is the white Golden Retriever. These dogs look stunning in Golden Retriever photos especially when in the mix of traditional Golden Retrievers with their gold fur. White Golden Retriever puppies seem to almost glow.

Breeders often use white Golden Retrievers and English Golden Retrievers interchangeably. This type of Golden Retriever is slightly different then the American variety with darker eyes and ears set on top of the eyes instead of right behind the eyes. The white Golden Retrievers also enjoys a shorter coat making grooming much easier.

Like American Golden Retrievers their cousins across the pond are also kind and good natured making ideal pets.

The Red Golden Retriever

Red Golden Retriever puppies appear almost copper in coloration and then grow to a lush and deep amber coat. It is through these red Golden Retrievers that you can see the Irish Setter in the breed. It is also possible to see other features in the Red Golden Retrievers that resemble more Irish Setter than the traditional Golden Retriever.

The coat color does not detract from any of the traits and personality that make Golden Retrievers so loved. Some see the different shades of the Golden Retriever as a bonus; a little extra something special to go along with a truly special dog.

Red Golden Retriever

The ever popular Red Golden Retriever gets its beautiful deep amber coat as a result of being mixed with the Irish Setter

Coats of Golden Retriever Breeds

Golden Retriever breeds are well known for their coat no matter if the dog is colored red or black or white or cream. The Golden Retriever coat is luxurious designed to be practical and beautiful. Golden Retrievers have a water resistant double coat which allows these dogs to perform the tasks that they were bred to do; water retrievals and being great hunting dogs.

The coat can be either wavy or straight and is prone to only a moderate amount of shedding. In some Golden Retriever mix breeds the coat may take on a slightly different appearance but for the most part the coat will be lush and thick.

Which Golden Retriever Suits You Best?

Searching for a new dog is more than just scanning over some Golden Retriever pictures from a breeder and arbitrarily picking one out. Your new dog is going to be a lifelong companion capable of unconditional love and loyalty.

Golden Retriever breeds fit many of the requirements people have for a “good dog”. With a rich coat, friendly personality, and willingness to please families that welcome a Golden Retriever will fall in love immediately.

Make certain you are ready for an energetic dog before bringing one home, however, or you will be in for a surprise. While the types of Golden Retrievers vary it is certain that if you bring one home it will quickly find a place in your heart.