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      Potential pet parents are delighted to find that Maltese puppies are not only adorable but make for some of the best companions out there. Maltese are best known for their stunning white coat and pure elegance as they prance around arenas before judges. These dogs are more than just show pieces and are valued as fantastic pets and loyal friends. It is worth the effort to do a bit of research into the breed before you bring home a Maltese since these dogs are not for everyone and do require some special attention and care.

      The Appearance of the Maltese Puppy

      These dogs are well known for their coat and regal appearance. To the shock and horror of their owners who primp and preen over their precious full coat devoting hours to meticulous grooming, the Maltese loves getting dirty. Of course, just because you happen to have a Maltese does not mean that you are required to keep her in show worthy appearance and many owners opt to keep their dogs fur cut short. This is more comfortable for the dog and will save you a nervous breakdown. Now, if you want to show your new pet make certain that you find a breeder that specializes in AKC registered Maltese puppies. This shorter style is called the puppy cut and is short, cute, and stylish whereas the full coat is exemplified by the flowing white mantle of silken fur. The coat of the Maltese is a single coat and is often compared to human hair. When taken care of properly the coat is gorgeous and breathtaking but requires daily grooming. Matting and tangles do occur so make sure you are able to make the commitment to your Maltese if you choose a full coat. Most owners find that the puppy cut is better suited for day to day life and just makes everything so much easier. The Maltese breed standard is a dog that averages between 4 and 6 pounds and stands no more than 10 inches at the shoulder. They are part of the expansive toy breed well-loved for their small size and are known as companion dogs these dogs were bred to be at your side.

      Maltese Temperament

      The Maltese personality is spunky. These dogs know how gorgeous they are and are not afraid to flaunt it. They are well suited for a life of luxury and love playing and being silly. The Maltese behavior is mild though they are prone to fits of energy. Owners sometimes describe their Maltese puppies running around the house in fits of manic energy. These bouts of insanity are not due to the breed but due to a lack of exercise. The Maltese size makes many believe that they do not require exercise but the truth is that these puppies need to work out even for a bit. If Maltese puppies have a buildup of energy, expect to find it running circuits around your house. Since the Maltese is a small dog owners should be aware of the possibility of ‘small dog syndrome’. It is important to establish a firm dominance over your new puppy in order to avoid behavioral issues. They are also prone to yapping and a wariness of strangers but these can be corrected at an early age with adequate training and obedience classes. Other than that, Maltese puppies are sweet, lovable, and love to be the center of attention.

      The History of the Maltese

      Believed to be one of the oldest pure breeds in the world, the Maltese has been traced to Ancient Greece. Through the centuries the Maltese has been called a variety of names including the Roman Lady’s Dog until the 19th century when this breed received its current title. The Maltese characteristics have changed little over the centuries and this ancient breed is still known for its stunning coat and gracious attitude. The current Maltese standard originates from the Mediterranean area with many pointing to the island of Malta as a possible birthplace.

      Caring for Your Maltese Puppy

      Grooming your Maltese can either be time consuming or pretty quick depending upon the coat size. If you choose to go full coat you must thoroughly brush your Maltese daily and shampoo her on a regular basis. For owners that go for the shorter puppy cut brushing can be done once or twice a week. Make sure to clean the area around your Maltese eyes in order to avoid tear staining. Tear staining is natural and occurs when liquid stains the coat around the eyes. Be careful when you clean the Maltese ears as they are delicate. Cleaning the ears will lower the risk of ear infections which can be painful for your puppy. The Maltese teeth should be brushed regularly to prevent a buildup of plaque which leads to bad breath and gingivitis.

      Is a Maltese Right for You?

      Before you settle on your next dog make sure you have considered all of the Maltese information that is out there. These dogs are small but can have large personalities and require a strict grooming regimen should you keep their coat long. While these dogs are small and are in the toy group they have considerable energy that if not exercised will manifest in odd displays of mania. You must have the time required to dedicate to these dogs especially when it comes to grooming. Of course if you are looking or a great family pet suitable for life in the city or small apartments then the Maltese is just the ticket. Early socialization will insure that these puppies will be able to get along with children and other dogs. If you are looking for a low shedder then the Maltese is ideal. These dogs may be small but they are capable of a deep and lasting love. Maltese puppies are sweet and energetic. They form deep bounds with their owners and will love you unconditionally. If you want a companion and best friend Maltese puppies will be more than happy to fill the role.