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    Bichon Maltese Puppies – Maltichon (Maltese Frise) Puppies

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    Bichon Maltese Puppies – Maltichon (Maltese Frise) Puppies

    Bichon Maltese puppies are the result of breeding Bichon Frise with Maltese dogs. This lovable toy breed is also known as the Maltichon, which kind of sounds a bit like a science-fiction title.

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    Maltichon (Maltese Frise) Puppy Quick Stats

    » A combination of a Maltese and Bichon Frise
    » Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
    » Average estimated lifespan of between 12 – 15 years
    » Average estimated weight of between 8- 12 pounds
    » Average height of approximately 8 – 11 inches
    » Training difficulty – Medium
    » Grooming requirement – Medium
    » Exercise requirement – Low

    This is far from science-fiction, however. This is an adorable designer breed that combines two friendly, loyal hypoallergenic dogs to create a whole new breed!


    Characteristics and Appearance of Maltichon Dogs

    e Bichon cross is most commonly recognized as a tiny white puff ball with tons of energy and a curious disposition. The breed tends to derive many of its characteristics from both sides of its family tree.

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    Their long, fluffy white hair isn’t like other dog hair that is full of allergy-inducing dander. The hair of this puppy is similar to hair more than fur, much like Australian Silky Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers.

    Even though the Maltese Bichon mix has seemingly manageable and only slightly curly hair, it does require frequent grooming. It’s recommended that your Bichon Frise Maltese mix sees a groomer at least once a month.

    There are many varieties of cuts that are available for this kind of dog, and among the most popular is the “teddy bear cut” or “puppy cut”.

    Intelligence and

    Intelligence and Training of Bichon Maltese Mixes

    se is an intelligent dog breed that is easily trained, as these dogs aim to please. However, like most small dog breeds, the Maltese Bichon is somewhat difficult to housebreak.

    It’s recommended that you use puppy pads to train, but keep them on hand even when the dog is an adult. This is just a normal trait with toy breeds, especially ones that become nervous or excited frequently.

    This dog breed is also safe to have in a home with children and other animals. The lovable, friendly and docile temperament of the Bichon Maltese cross makes it an excellent family companion even when small children are around.

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    In fact, their intelligence and affectionate dispositions draw them to children and even smaller animals in the home. In a family environment, this breed serves as an enthusiastic friend.

    What to Know Whe

    What to Know When Getting a Maltichon

    tant to understand that a Bichon Maltese puppy isn’t a purebred dog. It’s a hybrid mix that cannot be papered like AKC registered dogs like a Bichon or Maltese purebred dog.

    Unfortunately, that makes it easier for puppy mills and shady breeders to swindle puppy lovers into buying dogs that aren’t bred of purebred parents. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with this breed before buying a puppy of your own.

    Furthermore, before considering adopting a Maltese Bichon puppy, it’s important to completely grasp that these loyal dogs require a lot of love, care and attention.

    Like many small breed dogs, this hybrid mix shouldn’t be an outside dog; especially in cold or hot environments, or anywhere else that experiences bad weather frequently. With proper attention to comfort and affection, a Malti-Bichon cross can become a family member as much as a pet.

    This dog breed is also quite vocal, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your situation. They’re good for barking and scaring away intruders, but at the same time a loud, small dog may disturb your neighbors if you live in close quarters like apartment buildings or roommate situations.

    Like most breeds, Bichon Maltese puppies won’t be right for everyone but if the behavior and traits sound like something that’s a good fit for you, these loveable pups will make loyal pets for years to come.