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    Havanese Maltese Mix – Havamalt Puppies

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    Havanese Maltese Mix – Havamalt Puppies

    Choosing a Havanese Maltese mix puppy for your new family addition means bringing home a loyal crossbreed that is as fluffy as it is friendly. That’s no surprise when you look at the dominate personality features of the breed’s parent breeds – the Havanese and the Maltese.

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    Havamalt Puppy Quick Stats

    » A combination of a Maltese and a Havanese
    » Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
    » Average estimated lifespan of between 12 – 16 years
    » Average estimated weight of between 9 – 12 pounds
    » Average height of approximately 8 – 11 inches
    » Training difficulty – Low
    » Grooming requirement – Medium
    » Exercise requirement – Low

    Havanese a

    Havanese and Maltese Mix Appearance

    y Maltese mixes, this breed is among the most rare and difficult to find.

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    The Havamalt is typically 3-4 pounds larger than a standard Maltese breed, weighing in between nine and twelve pounds when fully grown. Additionally, Havamalt puppies will stand 8-11 inches tall when full grown.

    The fur is wavy or curly and comes in a variety of colors including white, black, cream, blue, silver and gold. Most often the fur is a blend of two or three different colors. All visual characteristics of this breed (as with all hybrid breeds) will depend greatly on the parentage of the individual puppy in question.

    While considered a moderate maintenance dog for grooming, the breed will generally only require regular bathing and combing to maintain a soft and shiny coat.


    Temperament of Havamalt Puppies

    s well liked for its balanced personality and introducing a Havamalt into your home means welcoming a breed that is known for being gentle, social and easily trainable. Further, the breed lends itself well to large families with kids as it does best in the company of people. They are very curious dogs which are extraordinarily outgoing and affable.

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    Caring for

    Caring for Havamalt Puppies

    are often minimal shedders which makes caring for them fairly simple. The coat of Havamalt dogs is also most often hypo-allergenic, meaning that even family members suffering with allergies will be able to tolerate this breed.

    Like all dogs however, they require daily exercise, though their social nature makes playtime sufficient for this need if you are unable to walk them sufficiently.

    Health Iss

    Health Issues of the Havamalt Maltese Mix

    is one that should give your family years of enjoyment. They are generally very healthy dogs that do not suffer from many serious health concerns. The most common problem vigilant owners will want to keep an eye on is that of hip dysplasia.

    Other health maintenance will be consistent with other small breed dogs but regular vet checkups should be enough to keep your pal fairly healthy. Of course, attention should be paid to ensurethat your new dog does not quickly become overweight as this can lead to more serious health problems down the road.

    In the end, the Havanese Maltese mix will make a great pet for any person (or family) that is interested in a loyal and loving friend for years to come.