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Our Reader’s Pups

On this page, we post pictures of images that our readers have submitted to the site of their dog or puppy.  We also provide you with a link to the page where you can read more about their precious pooch.

Our site is still a “pup” itself so we would love to have a picture of your dog or puppy as well.

It doesn’t matter whether or not we have your dog’s breed on the site or if he’s just a plain ole mutt, we’d still love to show him to the world!

So, if you are ready just head on over to our handy submission form and submit a picture of your dog or puppy today!

“Chico” the Malchi

According to his owner, Judy, “We adapted this happy fellow him from a local shelter in July. He was 24.1 lbs and had very long hair. We had him shaved, walk him every day and been feeding lite food – he lost 3 lbs so far and is more energetic and playful. We love him!”

“Nikko” the Pom-Chi

According to his owner, Nikki, “He’s playful and loving and loves to snuggle.”

“Lobo” the Golden Shepherd (age 7-8 mos.).

Lobo The Golden Shepherd

According to his owner, Helina, “He’s very energetic, loving and happy but he’s not crazy about kids though. Otherwise, he’s very intelligent and learns very quickly.”

Visit the page featuring “Lobo” and learn more about the Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix!

Tiare Mimosa “Tia” the Chi Chon (Bishon Frise Chihuahua Mix)

According to her owner, Suzie from Colchester, United Kingdom, “This is Tiare Mimosa, Tia for short. Her mum is a Bishon Frise and dad is a long haired Chihuahua. She is one of a litter of 8 and is the smallest of the bunch. She has been very spoilt already and has her own personalised pet carrier and brush. I have just finished knitting her a lovely pink, blue and white blanket,she also has a cuddle blanket with chewy corners and matching teddy, a pretty pink furry bed and lots of toys. She is going to be one pampered puppy. I am looking forward to lots of licks and cuddles and long walks.”

“Baxter” the Jack-Chi

According to his owner, Nancy, from El Cajon, CA, “Baxter is a shelter puppy. He is very smart. Was crate trained for 2 months until he was house broken. He is very loving and friendly with humans as well as other animals. Best decision I ever made letting him adopt me.”

“Mya and Kayle” the Yorkies

According to their owners, Lisa, from Ooltewah, TN, “They are our babies. Very sweet in nature. They have two totally different personalities.”

“Raven Paw” the Shepard and Pit

According to her owner, Krista, from Squaw Valley, CA, “My fiancé was at a friend’s when he met some Vietnamese people who had a box of puppies. He asked what they were doing with them and when they told him they were going to be eaten as a delicacy he without hesitance asked if he could take one home (he meant as a rescue). They let him and he picked the runt who turned out to be the most loving, loyal, protective pup ever. She has more smarts and personality then most people we know (haha). She is not a pet but a family member.”

“Mister” the Pekingnese Chihuahua

According to his owner, Sabreena, from Riddle, OR, “This is an awesome mix of puppy! He plays well with our 7 & 8 yr old boys and is mellow when we need him to be. He’s a great dog!”

“Sassy” the Bo Chi – Boston Huahua

According to her owner, Gwendell, from Powderly, KY, “Sassy is part boston terrier and part teacup chihuahua….she has been a joy in my life. She potty trained well, when she was just 10 months old!”

“Duke” the German Shepherd

According to his owner, Bobby, from Okemah, OK, “Duke is a very loving German shepherd puppy.  He loves to play with his toy sheep and he likes to go on walks. He has lots of energy (sometimes too much energy) and he is the first Sable German Shepherd I’ve ever owned. Right now, I’m trying to teach him not to jump up on people but so far he still needs a lot more training. He weighs (40lbs at 4 months old).”