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      Rottweiler puppies are adorable, but adult Rottweilers have often been portrayed in the media as evil, vicious dogs that guard drug dealers or other evil masters but most Rottie owners know that nothing could be further from the truth! Of course most television is rooted in fiction, but even the facts about Rottweilers include the Center for Disease Control listing them as one of the most common dog breeds to fatally attack people. This fact has prompted many insurance companies to exclude them from policy coverage as a result, but there is also information on Rottweilers that shows another side to these regal dogs. In one shining example of the breed, “Jake,” a pet Rottweiler in the United Kingdom, was nominated for the bravery award by local police after he saved a woman from sexual assault by chasing off her attacker and standing watch over her until authorities arrived. The woman he saved was a stranger to the dog. Read ahead to learn about Rottweiler puppies and discover if these protective animals are a good fit for you or if you should consider looking for a different breed.

      The History of Rottweilers

      The known history of the Rottweiler dates back to the Roman Empire, when the breed’s ancestors were brought by the Roman army into Europe as drover dogs used to herd cattle and guard army camps. The Rottweiler breed was developed in Germany as a working dog, and Rottweilers were used as butchers’ dogs to drive cattle to market during the 1800s. Today the breed maintains much of its herding and protective instincts, which assist these dogs in their roles as police and guard dogs.

      Rottweiler Information and Facts

      The overall look and physical Rottweiler characteristics help to contribute to the appearance of strong confidence that this breed demonstrates.

      Physical Characteristics of a Rottweiler

      Their medium to large size and muscular body type helped them drive cattle in the past, just as it helps them in their positions today as guard dogs.

      The Rottweiler Head

      Rottweilers have a medium-length head that is broad on top between their ears. Although a Rottie’s forehead might wrinkle with certain expressions or when he is on alert, his forehead should generally be smooth. These dogs have moderately deep-set dark brown eyes that display a noble and confident expression. According to the American Kennel Club, or AKC, Rottweiler puppies with a different color of eyes will earn a serious fault in the show ring.

      Rottweiler Ears

      Rottweiler ears are medium and triangle-shaped, and are set far apart on their heads. When Rottweiler dogs are alert their ears should be even with the top of their heads. When at ease their ears should hang against their heads and the tips of the ears should reach the middle of their cheeks.

      Rottweiler Tails

      Many Rottie puppies are born with full tails. Show dogs in the United States should have their tails docked short, leaving one or two vertebrae in the tail. If you look at your puppy’s profile, her tail should stand straight out from her body and look like an elongation of her topline. Excited dogs might carry their tails slightly higher. How show dogs carry their tails are a more important part of the Rottweiler breed standard than how long they are. Occasionally, Rottweilers with tails do not have them docked when they are young. If you plan to keep your puppy as a pet, having a long tail is perfectly natural for your dog and can give her a more unique appearance without jeopardizing her health.

      Rottweiler Teeth

      Rottweilers have 42 teeth that meet in a scissors bite, meaning that the incisors on the bottom jaw should just touch the inside of the incisors on the upper jaw. Rotties generally have very strong teeth and jaws; a missing tooth is a serious fault according to the AKC, and two or more missing teeth are disqualifications for Rottweilers.

      Rottweiler Personality Traits

      The Rottweiler temperament is that of a confident and courageous dog that usually avoids immediate friendships. Additionally, a sense aloofness and reserved attitude are accepted Rottweiler breed characteristics. Adopting a Rottweiler as a puppy is a good way to build a relationship with these dogs, because they are very protective of the people they love and will often clown around and act goofy with their family members. Rotties have a strong instinct to protect their property, home and family, which can make them exceptional guard dogs. Be sure to let friends and other irregular home visitors know not to show up when you aren’t home, because your Rottweiler will protect your property from them just as they would from any stranger.

      Rottweiler Behavior Problems

      Rottweilers can be aggressive toward other animals, so socializing them at an early age is a necessity to bring out the best in your puppy. Travelling with them to unfamiliar places to interact with other dogs and unfamiliar people while your Rottie is still a puppy can help him adapt to having others around. In the long run, this will be helpful if you ever have friends and family members over to your home. Rotties have a strong herding instinct, which can contribute to apparent bullying behavior toward people. Enroll your puppy in obedience school so you can learn to stop unacceptable behavior before it becomes a problem. If you are new to strong-willed dogs, consider getting a female that will typically be easier to control than a male Rottweiler will.

      Are Rottweilers Good with Kids?

      Keep an eye on your Rottweiler and kids when they play to make sure your dog isn’t bullying your children. Putting an early stop to bullying behavior is a must for your dog and kids to have a healthy relationship. If they have a good relationship, your Rottweiler can be a great pal for children to clown around with in the backyard.

      Are Rottweiler Puppies for You?

      If you are an experienced dog owner who can devote the time to adequately training your Rottweiler puppies, these strong dogs can be a valuable addition to help your protect your home and family.