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Rottweiler Mix Puppies – Over 20 Mixes Exist Today


As you search for a new family pet take time to consider Rottweiler mix puppies.

Choosing a puppy for your family is no easy task and a great amount of time and consideration is needed in order to make a well informed decision.
You should not just choose the first puppy you come across since each breed differs in personality and compatibility with your family.

Take time to ask questions and read up on different breeds and remember that the puppy you choose will be in your life for several years to come.
You might as well choose a puppy you will love and a Rottie mix might be the perfect dog for you.

List of Popular Rottweiler Mixes


The Bernweiler is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Rottweiler.


The Boxweiler is a mix between a Boxer and a Rottweiler.


The Brottweiler is a mix between a Brussels Griffon and a Rottweiler.

English Mastweiler

The English Mastweiler is a mix between a Mastiff and a Rottweiler.

French Bullweiler

The French Bullweiler is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Rottweiler.

Golden Rottie

The Golden Rottie is a mix between a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.

Great Bullweiler

The Great Bullweiler is a combination of breeds consisting of a Great Dane, a Bullmastiff and a Rottweiler.

Great Rottsky

The Great Rottsky is a combination of breeds consisting of a Siberian Husky, a Rottweiler and a Great Dane.


The Jackweiller is a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Rottweiler.


The Labrottie is a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Rottweiler.


The Mastweiler is a mix between a Bullmastiff and a Rottweiler.

Miniature Rottweiler

The Miniature Rottweiler is a mix between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Rottweiler.

New Rottland

The New Rottland is a mix between a Newfoundland and a Rottweiler .


The Pinweiler is a mix between a Miniature Pinscher and a Rottweiler.


The Pitweiler is a mix between a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler.


The Rottaf is a mix between an Afghan Hound and a Rottweiler.


The Rottbull is a mix between a Bull Terrier and a Rottweiler.


The Rotterman is a mix between a Doberman Pinscher and a Rottweiler.


The Rotticorso is a mix between a Cane Corso and a Rottweiler.


The Rottle is a mix between a Poodle and a Rottweiler.


The Rottmation is a mix between a Dalmatian and a Rottweiler.


The Rottpeake is a mix between a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Rottweiler.


The Rottsky is a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Rottweiler.

Saint Weiler

The Saint Weiler is a mix between a Saint Bernard and a Rottweiler.


The Schnottie is a mix between a Standard Schnauzer and a Rottweiler.


The Staffweiler is a mix between a American Staffordshire Terrier and a Rottweiler.

Weiler Dane

The Weiler Dane is a mix between a Great Dane and a Rottweiler.


The Weimarrott is a mix between a Weimaraner and a Rottweiler.

The Benefits of Rottweiler Mixed Puppies

Many people tend to shy away from Rottweiler due to inaccurate media hype and misinformation about the dog breed. The same is generally true for mix breed dogs which are viewed as little more than mutts and strays though this could not be further from the truth!

So the idea of Rottweiler mixes is certain to cause most everyone to take a few steps back. The truth is that these dogs are some of the best dogs out there and if you allow yourself to be swayed by the ill-informed masses then you are going to miss out on a dog that is truly unique and special.

Mixed breed dogs are just that, dogs with two or more different breeds in its blood. A pedigree is not the only indication of a good dog and many find that mix breeds offer the same prized characteristics of purebreds without the hefty price tag.

The only real drawback is that many feel with a mix breed puppy it might be hard to tell what the dog will look like as an adult and what temperament and personality traits it will develop. If you know the breeds involved in the puppy you can get a rough idea of the appearance and traits your puppy will have.

Also remember the puppy will be influenced by both nature and nurture. This means that it is within your power to help guide the puppy along to a happy and fulfilled dog.

That being said, Rottweiler mixed breeds present a fantastic opportunity to experience the joys of owning a Rottie with the opportunity to choose additional traits that please you. In this way you can customize your pet, to an extent at least.

The Rottie Mix and You

Mixed Rottweiler puppies are going to demonstrate behavior common to all puppies. They are going to be curious, cuddly, with a penchant for trouble making and the ability to melt your heart with just a look and a whimper. Expect the unexpected when it comes to puppies and when you keep this in mind you will not be taken by surprise.

In order to get an idea of how your Rottweiler mix may behave just take a look at the common characteristics of the breeds that went into creating the puppy. If you only have the vaguest of notion of what breeds are present in your puppy then you may have to play it by ear so the more certain you are about the lineage of your puppy the better.

Purebred Rottweiler are described as confident and loyal dogs that love their family and are wary of strangers. These are working dogs and do well when given a task to perform. These dogs can be silly at times and will provide unconditional love and loyalty.

Your Rottweiler mix puppies will surely demonstrate these traits. Given that the Rottweiler is known for its strong personality you will want to choose a mix breed with influences of a submissive personality. A popular mix is a Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever. The Lab influence plays up the tendencies for Rotties to be silly and fun and adds the sweetness that these dogs are known for.

Caring for Your Rottweiler Mix Puppies

When you first bring home your Rottweiler mix puppies you must be prepared for absolutely anything. Before you bring home the puppy take time to puppy proof any areas that the puppy will have access to. This means securing loose cords, wires, and pinning curtains out of reach.

Puppies explore their environment with their mouths which results in furniture being chewed and shoes getting ruined. Provide enough toys suitable for puppies as this will serve to distract the pup from that antique arm chair or new leather shoes.

Rottweiler mix dogs need consistent training as early as possible. When properly trained, these dogs can work wonders and will obey any command you may have. Rottweilers are working dogs and a Rottweiler mix will certainly retain this trait no matter what other breeds are present.

Lastly, remember that a bored dog is a destructive dog so you must provide Rottweiler mix puppies with ample opportunities for exercise and engaging play time.

Are Rottweiler Mix Dogs Right for You?

The Rottweiler mixed breed is an energetic dog and requires plenty of exercise. While a backyard is preferable the Rottweiler mix can survive in the city as long as the dog is walked at least twice a day.

Additionally, early socialization is the key so the puppies are used to children and other pets. Be mindful however of the other breeds in the Rottweiler mix. For example a Rottie mixed with a herding dog may result in young children being rounded up like sheep.

Active families with older children will provide the ideal environment for Rottweiler mixes. Keep in mind any time limitations or constraints you may have as you look for Rottweiler mix puppies for sale. These dogs require attention and dedication especially during the formative puppy hood.

These dogs are loyal and brave able to have fun and be downright silly. They are sure to be a welcomed addition in your home and your heart. So, if you have the time (and space required) then Rottweiler mix puppies will be perfect for you and your family.