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    Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix – Schweenie Puppies

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    Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix – Schweenie Puppies

    If you happen to come across Shih Tzu Beagle mix puppies, you will be immediately tempted to take one home with you and make it your own – and for good reason. This designer breed is a very popular because of its overall appearance, intelligence, and loving nature.

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    Schweenie Puppy Quick Stats

    p>» A combination of a Shih Tzu and a Dachshund
    » Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
    » Average estimated lifespan of between 12 – 15 years
    » Average estimated weight of between 10 – 20 pounds
    » Average height of approximately 11 – 20 inches
    » Training difficulty – Low
    » Grooming requirement – Medium
    » Exercise requirement – Low

    Schweenie dogs are a cross between the Dachshund and the Shih Tzu dog breeds.

    Since it is not always possible to determine the characteristics, traits or temperament of a mixed breed, you will likely find that the Schweenie dog has a combination of characteristics that you can rely on found in both the Dachshund and the Shih Tzu breeds.

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    Characteristics of a Schweenie Dog

    d and Shih Tzu are exceptionally loyal breeds and their puppies are the same with equally big personalities to match these qualities.

    Both are intelligent breeds that learn quickly and are known for responding well to patient, consistent dog training and are usually eager to please their owner.

    One personality trait that you can see from your Dachshund and Shih Tzu Mix is the tendency to attach himself or herself to one person to the point that they may experience some separation anxiety.

    Otherwise, they will fit in perfectly with a family looking for a faithful, compassionate companion. It is best to socialize them from birth with children, if possible.

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    Both breeds interact well with other dog breeds, although they can tend to be somewhat tempermental at times.

    Caring for S

    Caring for Schweenie Puppies

    ill have a soft coat that can be a variety of colors. Schweenies tend to shed very little or not at all which makes them an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Your puppy will need to be brushed or combed on occasion to prevent tangles or matting.

    Your puppy’s coat will grow rather quickly and it is typical for it to need trimming every five to six weeks. Otherwise, care is easy with regular bathing and brushing.

    The Perfect En

    The Perfect Environment for the Dachshund and Shih Tzu Mix

    well suited for first time dog owners and are acclimated for living in apartments homes, as they should receive plenty of exercise running around the apartment, because they are rather lively indoors.

    So, if you have the time and dedication, a Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix will make a great best friend.

    Photos by Creative Commons Attribution GenericTobyotter