Home Shih Tzu Puppies Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Mix – Shih Apso (Lhasa Tzu) Puppies

    Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Mix – Shih Apso (Lhasa Tzu) Puppies

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    Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Mix – Shih Apso (Lhasa Tzu) Puppies

    The modern Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso mix is a blend of two distinct canines. Both of these breeds were employed in the ancient world as guardians of their respective premises.

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    Shih Apso (Lhasa Tzu) Puppy Quick Stats

    » A combination of a Shih Tzu and a Lhasa Apso
    » Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
    » Average estimated lifespan of between 12 – 15 years
    » Average estimated weight of between 12 – 18 pounds
    » Average height of approximately 8 – 12 inches
    » Training difficulty – Low
    » Grooming requirement – Medium
    » Exercise requirement – Low

    History of

    History of Shi Apso

    zu is a Chinese dog that was bred to look like the classic lions that guard ancient palace facades and are ubiquitous in the country’s mythology. This silky canine has long and luxurious hair with a curled tail that can seem, at times, to merge with its coat.

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    The Lhasa Apso originates from Tibet. The texture of its coat is coarser than that of the Shih Tzu. One of its most notable features is a distinctive underbite that postures for ferocity but somehow comes off as lovable.

    A Historical

    A Historical/Modern Context of the Lhasa Tzu

    of intelligence characterizes this unique Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso cross. They draw from two different cultures as icons of spiritual guardianship, with monks on the Tibetan side and royalty on the Chinese side.

    People who monitor the ongoing political situation in these regions will appreciate the significance of adopting a dog with these two specific backgrounds into their family. This puppy embodies a significant dual heritage, which can inspire a feeling of hope that peace and resolution can come to any situation.

    The Shih Tzu

    The Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Cross Breed

    reed is sometimes affectionately called a Shih Apso. It displays an alert and somewhat territorial disposition due to the many centuries of special training.

    It is fun to speculate about their potential for ancestral memory as you watch them carry on in such a way as to resemble their ancient trade as guardian of a palace or sanctuary. This antic can be rather cute when they are caught guarding the front yard from invading birds.

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    Appearance o

    Appearance of Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Mix Puppies

    out any other mixed breed dog, the distinctive set of traits of this particular blend is difficult to predict. The height of the puppy could become as high as 12 inches, but it could also turn out a bit shorter.

    The fur will most likely be soft, but will probably not be quite as silken as the original Chinese Shih Tzu. It could turn out showing off a bit more of the coarseness of the Lhasa side.

    One thing to count on is that your Shih Apso will most likely have long hair, so it is advisable to get a good puppy brush and perhaps a fur-removing roller for clothing and upholstery.


    Personality of the Shih Apso

    t on these dogs to have a certain amount of healthy hostility towards outsiders until they become familiar with the newcomers. For this reason, it is highly recommended that they are exposed as early as possible to any children with whom they will be expected to interact.

    They exhibit a gentle nature towards infant companions, yet they provide a lot of energy and activity towards growing children as well. The Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso mix is loyal and can be counted on as a loving friend.