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    How Much Are Dog Sitting Rates?

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    How Much Are Dog Sitting Rates

    It is important for any dog owner to do their homework about dog sitting rates before hiring a sitter. Rates for dog sitting often depend on location, but there are other factors that can influence price.

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    So…How Do Dog Sitters Work?

    If you plan on leaving your house and are unable to bring your furry family member along, you should consider giving dog sitting services a try. Being away from you is hard enough on your pooch; letting them stay in the comfort of their own home can be much less traumatic when they are missing you.

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    By hiring a sitter, your dog can stay in their own environment, instead of being brought to the unfamiliar world of a doggy day care or kennel. You and your pet both will avoid the hassle and anxiety of traveling together as well. Many dogs don’t enjoy road trips, and plane rides can be downright traumatic.

    Professional dog sitters can watch over your pup for as little as an hour, or a day, overnight, or longer. This can make your time away from home more comfortable for you as well as your pet, knowing that someone will be watching over your house. Also, by hiring a professional, you don’t have to worry about leaving such an important task in the hands of an equally busy friend or neighbor.

    Dog sitters always make sure that your dog’s basic needs are met. They are responsible for feeding your dog, playing with your dog, providing him/her with fresh water, walking him/her, giving medication, and grooming. They should also have reliable transportation and be prepared for any emergencies that may come up.

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    How Much Does a Dog Sitter Cost?

    Dog sitter rates vary, depending on where you live and how many pets you have. Even though dog sitter rates may be costly, you can rest at ease that your beloved pet is getting one on one attention from a fellow animal lover. Average = rates for dog sitting range from $10-$20 per visit, but overnight dog sitting rates can increase the cost to $80 or more.

    How Do I Find the Right Dog Sitter?

    You can look for local dog sitting services or take it upon yourself to find a professional individual pet sitter. Asking your veterinarian or fellow pet owner can do the trick, as well as a thorough internet search, word of mouth, or pet sitter directories. Your question of how much does a dog sitter cost should be answered when inquiring.

    Your sitter should have experience, references, and be able to pass a background check. Having a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation is necessary as well, in the event of an emergency.

    Remember, overnight dog sitting rates can be more expensive but with that cost is the peace of mind that your pet and your home will be under constant supervision. Ultimately, the dog sitting rates that you pay will be well worth it to ensure a happy, healthy pet.