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    How Much Are Dog Walking Rates?

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    How Much Are Dog Walking Rates

    Dog walking rates can vary greatly, and this depends on several factors. By hiring a professional dog walker you can get your dog some much needed exercise each day while you are not available.

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    What Variables Affect Dog Walking Rates?

    Prior to hiring a dog walker, make sure you take the time to have an interview and ask questions regarding current rates for dog walking, level of knowledge, and why the person has chosen to be a dog walker.

    Several variables can affect dog walking prices. First, how long would you like your dog walked? Normal rates are for half hour increments. Companies will sometimes offer discounted rates for people who purchase many different sessions at one time.

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    Is the person you are considering hiring a professional dog walker, or just a person who does dog walking on the side? Professional dog walkers are going to charge more. With this additional cost comes the peace of mind that your dog is in good hands.

    Professionals will have a business license and insurance. If the person claims they are a professional, ask to see their credentials and also ask for any references they may have as well.

    Feeding and watering are essential parts of a dog’s life. When the dog walker comes to your home, is he or she going to be able to feed and water your dog as well as walk him or her? Do you need to provide food and/or treats?

    Another factor that can greatly affect dog walking rates is location. Living in a larger city with less room for dogs to walk, with a higher concentration of dogs and an increased demand for the job itself, will all result in increased pay for the dog walker.

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    How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge?p>For a professional dog walking service to come into your home and walk your dog for one half hour each day, you can expect to spend between $10 and $25 for the first dog and half as much for the second dog.

    In reviewing average dog walking prices for dog walkers who are not professionals, people in the US charged as little as $.50 per hour for small dogs and $1.00 per hour for larger dogs. In the UK, the dog walker rates were £2 for large breeds and £1 for small breeds.

    Other Dog Walking Services

    There is one other dog walking service that should be discussed. This service is walking a dog for a dog show. Sometimes a dog’s owner is unable to keep up with the rigorous demands of walking their dog in a show. This will lead them to hire an individual to walk their dog. Normally a dog owner can get someone to volunteer to do this as it gets them out and visible to other dog owners.


    When It Comes to Hiring a Dog Walker, Consider All Your Options

    ether you are interested in hiring a professional to give your dog exercise, care and love while you are at work, or just a neighborhood college student who is trying to earn some extra money, getting your dog out of the house is a great way to keep him or her happy and healthy.

    There are several variables that can directly affect dog walking rates, so make sure you know exactly what the rates are prior to signing any contract or hiring the dog walker.