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    How to Choose a Vet for Your Puppy

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    How to Choose a Vet for Your Puppy

    If you are about to acquire (or have already acquired a new puppy), you will want to know some tips on how to choose a vet to take care of your puppy’s health issues.

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    There are checkups, vaccinations, and other matters that will need to be dealt with during your dog’s lifetime. A reputable veterinarian will work with you in giving your puppy the best care to ensure a full, happy and healthy life.

    Choosing a Vet Just Got Easier with These 4 Easy Tips

    The most important thing to remember in this process is that you want to take the time to find someone that you and your puppy are comfortable being around. There’s no rush so take heed of the advice we’ve got for you below to make a wise and thoughtful choice.

    Tip #1 – Che

    Tip #1 – Check Out a Number of Veterinary Clinics

    t your puppy’s doctor to be an individual with the expertise and experience to take care of any matters that may arise. Before you decide on the person who will handle your dog’s needs, you should check out several veterinarians in the area to see how their practices operate.

    Choosing A Vet
    Choosing a vet really should be a process that you take your time with since both you and your puppy will want to find someone you like and trust

    Of course, this goes without saying but you will also want to make sure that your puppy’s doctor has all of the necessary credentials and certifications to be practicing veterinary medicine in your state.

    Also while you’re at each one be sure to check out the cleanliness of the facility and watch how the doctor and staff function. If you have a dog that is an unusual breed, make certain that the doctor you choose has the knowledge to appropriately handle the specific breed that you have acquired.

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    With regards to the staff, you’ll want them to be knowledgeable about pet health issues overall. In this way, if you are in need of vet advice and cannot speak to the doctor immediately, the staff may be able to offer you some valuable assistance.

    An office staff with the proper kind of knowledge can be very helpful in allaying some of your fears and pointing you in the right direction on certain issues regarding your puppy’s care.

    Tip #2 – Take a Tour

    Tip #2 – Take a Tour of the Vet Clinics You Are Considering

    asking for a tour of the facilities to see how the office is set up and if everything is in good working order and sanitary condition. Check out the kennels and examination rooms. Also inquire of the veterinarian if emergency services are always available and who will be handling matters when he or she is away.

    Tip #3 – You and Your Pu

    Tip #3 – You and Your Puppy Should Feel Comfortable with the Vet You Are Considering

    ose should be someone you feel comfortable speaking with. He or she should take the time to advise you, answer any questions you may have, and provide explanations for various health issues on which you might need clarification.

    The chosen individual should also be someone who handles your puppy comfortably and confidently, which will help to ease the stress that your dog will feel over a visit to the vet. You may want to make an appointment for your dog and the doctor to get acquainted.  Once you do, take notice of how they interact by asking yourself the following dog vet questions…

    • Does the doctor handle your puppy appropriately?
    • Do you feel comfortable with this individual as your puppy’s doctor?
    • Do you have confidence in this individual and feel that he or she can be trusted to take proper care of your furry companion?

    Some dog vet clinics have several doctors on duty. Before making a decision about a vet, you should try and determine if your pet will always be seen by the same doctor. If not, is this going to be a problem for you? Having your dog treated by the same individual on a continuous basis will help to build a certain rapport between your puppy and the veterinarian so this can be an important factor to consider.

    Tip #4 – Ask Friends and Fami

    Tip #4 – Ask Friends and Family Members for Recommendations

    y members who own pets, you may want to ask them who they use for veterinary services and how they feel about their pets’ doctors.

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    In this way, you will learn firsthand about the care that various vets provide and how well they have been able to diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. During your puppy’s lifetime, different health issues can arise. You will want to have the assurance that the doctor who treats your beloved pet will be able to competently handle whatever may occur during your dog’s time with you.

    If You Are Not Happy, Should You

    If You Are Not Happy, Should You Change Vets?

    el that the doctor you have chosen is not handling your puppy’s needs to your satisfaction. Should this ever occur, you will want to find another veterinarian.

    Online Vet
    An online vet can help answer basic questions about your puppy’s health but for an actual emergency, you’ll still need to get the help of a vet in your area

    Think about it this way… If your medical doctor was not adequately handling the health needs of your family, you would not hesitate in changing doctors, would you?

    The same should apply to your pet’s doctor, as your dog is also a member of the family and deserves proper care. If you have lost confidence in your veterinarian’s abilities, it is time to move on and find someone else.

    Online Vet – Can They Help at All

    Online Vet – Can They Help at All?

    eed some advice and your veterinarian is not available, there are vets who can be accessed online to provide general information. This is a good way to get assistance for your pet until you are able to get to your regular veterinarian.

    An online vet may also be able to advise you as to whether a certain situation needs professional attention or might be a matter that you can handle at home. Of course, should you have any type of emergency with your pup that needs immediate attention, you should not hesitate in getting your valued pet to an emergency animal hospital or clinic.

    Mobile Vet Clinics – Bringing the Doc

    Mobile Vet Clinics – Bringing the Doctor to Your Puppy

    h: 226px" class="wp-caption alignright">Mobile Vet
    A mobile vet can be an option if you have a busy or hectic schedule so they’re worth considering

    In addition to a traditional brick and mortar veterinary clinic, more and more mobile vet clinics are popping up around the country.

    These mobile units typically travel to various communities to render aid in animal health issues. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a mobile vet in your area where you can take your pet for care. In essence, this is like the good old fashioned “house calls” of yesteryear. Mobile vets indeed make it easier for dog owners to get needed assistance in matters of their pets’ health and have it done in a way that is convenient and less threatening to the dog.

    Remember, that for the sake of your pet’s welfare, it is important to have a reputable veterinarian. Knowing how to choose a vet by using some of the advice we’ve provided here will help you to make a wise choice that will provide your puppy with a long, happy and healthy life.