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    How To Microchip A Dog

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    How To Microchip A Dog

    Dog owners normally choose to microchip a dog when they want extra security for their pet. Traditionally collars and tags had been used to secure the safe return of a missing dog, but not anymore. Now a tiny device that is placed inside your pet can identify them and make sure they are brought back home.

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    A Brief Primer on Dog Microchips

    Microchips for dogs consist of a tiny computer chip that is the size of a grain of rice. How to microchip a dog involves the chip being implanted between the shoulder blades by a needle and a special syringe. They are placed just under the skin and causes very little to no pain at all when they are injected.

    Microchips are extremely safe for the pet because the glass that incases the microchip is made of a biocompatible material. It will not degenerate and will not travel as long as it is planted correctly. Millions of pets already have microchips safely implanted within them.

    Where Can I Microchip My Dog?

    The answer is very simple, microchipping your dog can be done by your family’s veterinarian, a shelter’s personnel or it may be done at home.

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    Of course, the number one place to have a microchip injected is at vet’s office. Though they may be done at home, a veterinarian is ready for any emergency should it could occur. If you do feel comfortable with performing the injection at home, it is suggested that immediate registration of your pet is done after any home performed injection.

    Are There Microchip Companies for Dogs?

    There are several pet microchip companies that are dedicated in assisting with the safe return of pets to their owners. These companies provide 24 hour protection of the pet through online registration databases and provide quality chips that do not need replacing or recharging. These microchips are made to last the pet’s entire lifetime.

    The Avid Microchip Company has been providing these devices since 1985 and is one of the most widely used. They have a choice of two implanters that are programmed by a computer to ensure no two identification numbers are the same. A Minitracker is also provided that reads and scans the pet’s chips then displays the number on a LCD screen in milliseconds.

    Other microchip companies for dogs include the Banfield microchip company, the Homeagain microchip company and the 24 Pet Watch microchip company. Avid microchips for dogs is the market leader while Homeagain is a very close second. Researching each company will provide the information needed to make a decision on which microchip is ideal for you and your pet.

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    Homeagain is very popular because it provides a permanent identification and lost pet recovery system that can be used in the comfort of your home. This system includes the microchip and the injector and takes less than a minute to inject. You may also request this brand at the vet’s office.

    Once Your Dog is Microchipped, Registration is Key

    Registration of your dogs microchip is essential because without it implanting the microchip is useless. The registered identification number generated from the microchip is used to identify the lost dog. Registration is normally done with the company who provided your microchip and other organizations.

    The Pet Microchip Lookup is a database that allows pet owners to register their pet’s microchip identification number along with their contact information via the internet. They are powered by the American Animal Hospital Association and are partnered with some of the leading microchip providers. This database is used when a pet has been found and scanned, the number is entered into the system and identifying information is provided.

    The American Kennel Club also allows the registration of your pet’s microchip as well. The website connects the AKC registration number with the microchip identification number to provide even more coverage in case of a lost dog.

    How Much Does It Cost to Microchip A Dog?

    When asking this question, it’s important to measure the cost against the comfort of knowing your pet can always be found if lost. It is usually a very inexpensive procedure averaging anywhere between thirty and fifty dollars, though there is an additional registration fee.

    The cost of microchipping a dog also depends on where the procedure will take place. Choosing to have this done is a big decision for you and your pet. To increase the rate of your dog being found if lost, deciding to microchip a dog is a great direction to take for a piece of mind.