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    How To Ship A Puppy

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    How To Ship A Puppy

    There are many reasons you might want to ship a puppy from one location to another. It is not really unusual but any reservations you may have can be put to rest by learning as much information about the puppy shipping process as possible.

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    How to Ship a Puppy

    There are certain precautions that you can take when shipping a puppy. For starts, getting as much information about the process and designating a checklist of items will be helpful. Information comes from many sources, and only some of it will be relevant to your specific situation.

    While the many details of planning the trip can be time-consuming, it is important to balance the costs of the trip with the amount of stress that is unavoidable, even with the best puppy shipping services.

    How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Puppy?

    Different companies have extra costs associated with shipping a puppy. This could include insurance and other associated costs. With all of these combined expenses, it is easy to wonder if shipping a dog is really affordable.

    While you may wonder to how much it does cost, don’t forget that the total costs often depend on the method of transportation and the specific laws that regulate animal transport services.

    The distance traveled, the quality of the transport supplies, insurance and health-related expenses all add up to give you a grand total that could range anywhere from $300-$1,500. Because there are many variables involved, there are many ways to get it done within a budget.

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    Dog Transportation Services You Might Want to Considerp>There are two situations in particular that you might need a dog transport service. The first is the common transporting method is done by placing a puppy into a kennel and then by shipping a puppy by air.

    The second method is done by a company that specializes in ground transport for dogs. Since most train, bus and rail transport services (including Amtrak and Greyhound) do not allow animal transportation, you will probably need the services of a professional dog ground transportation company.

    Both of these service methods are very popular and can be done with a reasonable expectation of safety towards the pet.

    The important thing to remember is that both of these methods require a kennel.

    Supplies for Shipping Puppiesp>There are many supplies available on the market for shipping puppies. Kennels are the most important of these items. The three qualities you must consider when purchasing a kennel are size, sturdiness and comfort.

    In addition, dogs should always be provided with tags on their collar during transport. The markings should be made with a large permanent marker so that they are visible from a short distance.

    Shipping Dogs by Airp>If you are shipping puppies by air, you will probably need to get their health status certified at least 10 days prior to departure. This may take a little time, so make sure that you start the process well in advance. Most airlines that ship dogs require that these documents are in good order before they will take the dogs.

    The AKC recommends that you check with the dog’s vet to see if they think that the dog should have a tranquilizer before boarding the flight. Although not generally recommended, the particular circumstances of your dog really count when making this determination.

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    Always make sure that you are familiar with the specific regulations of the air carrier. Some companies have specific policies regarding pets. Some will allow the animal crate to remain with you if it can fit underneath the airline seat while others don’t permit pets in the cabin at all unless certain restrictions are met.

    If you plan your trip with enough advance notice, you might be able to locate several airlines that ship dogs and compare the differences in their rules. Then you will be in a better position to decide which transport company to use than if you are rushing to get everything done in time for the flight.

    Finally, don’t forget to reserve a space for the dog! If you book a reservation for yourself but not for your dog, you could end up in a bit of a pickle.


    Ground Transportation for Dogs

    els that will be employed in ground shipping for dogs are typically larger than the ones used in airline transport. Since they will not need to fit within a specific space, such as beneath an airline seat, the dog can enjoy a little more wiggle room.

    Shipping dogs by ground is usually done by a special trucking company with logistics services that can carry many animals during one trip. They provide dog ground transportation services by routing the trip to multiple drop-off points. Some companies have more customized trip plans, but you will have to pay more for it.


    Safety Concerns to Consider When You Ship a Puppy

    of these considerations that can lead you to wonder – is it safe to ship a puppy? The answer is that there is a modicum of risk involved in any transportation, whether for human or animal. Within that reality, the risks for both are very minimal, as the transportation industry has standardized procedures for all movements.

    Regardless of the type of dog transportation services you decide to use, the kennel style has as much to do with safety as with comfort. Prepare the puppy for spending time in the kennel by taking the time to get the dog in and out, preferably several times before the actual trip.

    Make sure that you can always easily identify both the container as well as the dog inside. Contact information and external labels are always recommended.

    This makes identification easy. When in doubt, prepare for the worst, but expect the best.

    Although there are many companies that can ship a puppy safely for you, it is certainly worth taking the time to find puppy shipping services that have employed staff with special training or certification for proper dog handling.