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    Should You Get Puppy Health Insurance?

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    Should You Get Puppy Health Insurance

    Although puppy health insurance has been widely accepted in European countries for years, by some estimates, less than 1% of all pets in the United States are covered under a pet health insurance policy.

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    By contrast, nearly 50% of pets in Sweden are covered by some kind of insurance policy while in the United Kingdom almost 12% of dog owners have policies.

    But the question still remains – should you take out an insurance policy on your dog?  Well most of us would never think about not having insurance for things such as our cars, our homes, our health and our lives.

    Why should your puppy’s health and well-being be any different?


    What’s the Purpose of Puppy Health Insurance?

    Consider the following… For most dogs, the most expensive periods in their lives will be when they are puppies and when they are seniors. Unless you have the foresight to set aside significant amounts of money for unseen and unpredictable illnesses, chances are you’re veterinary expenses will come out of your pocket.

    Dog Insurance
    Since most of your pet’s most expensive years will be when they are young (and old), dog insurance can help to offset some of those expenses

    Also keep in mind that, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over the past 20 years the average cost of pet ownership has nearly tripled. When you think about these two important factors getting some dog health insurance may not seem that far-fetched after all.

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    Lastly, keep in mind that your puppy is just like a human baby in the sense that its immune system has isn’t developed fully yet.  That plus a puppy’s inborn need to explore, chew and basically smell or put their mouth on everything they come in contact with can make them susceptible to illness or accidents.

    At this stage they can contract things such as parvovirus or kennel cough and although these conditions are treatable they still necessitate immediate veterinary care.  Therefore, at least doing some dog insurance comparison is in you and your best friend’s long-term interests.

    What Is Covered by Puppy Health Insurance?igure id="attachment_803" style="width: 226px" class="wp-caption alignright">Pet Health Insurance
    Pet health insurance covers many of the most common procedures as well as hospitalization and surgery

    Most full coverage dog insurance providers will fully reimburse you for a number of expenses related to the care of your puppy.  Some of the most commonly covered items include things such as diagnostic work, hospitalization, surgery procedures, cancer treatment (including chemotherapy) and on occasion they will even cover alternative therapies.  Most of the best dog insurance companies have similar coverage policies.

    Almost every puppy will be visiting the vet around 8 to 10 times during their first year of life.  These visits are simply to cover your puppy’s basic vaccinations, deworming, spaying/neutering (if desired) and even microchipping.  The good news is that many kinds of puppy insurance will help you cover these costs.

    In addition, most pet insurance providers do not restrict which veterinarian you can visit and unlike healthcare for humans that involves knowing which network you’re under, no such thing exists for pets.


    How Old Is a Puppy Have to Be before I Can Buy Insurance?

    e id="attachment_806" style="width: 226px" class="wp-caption alignright">Puppy Insurance
    A majority of purebreds are eligible for puppy insurance but you’ll want to check with your insurer just in case
    Dog Health Insurance
    It’s usually a good idea to get dog health insurance before your puppy gets its first round of shots

    Usually, it is recommended that you get your puppy covered by insurance prior to them getting their first round of shots.  Typically, the first vaccinations occur at or around eight weeks of age.

    This part can be a bit tricky since if you wait until after your first visit to your vet and they discover that your puppy has some kind of pre-existing condition it will be more difficult and likely more expensive to get health insurance for dogs after that point.


    What about Puppy Health Insurance for Purebreds?

    ke mixed breed puppies, purebreds are more likely to suffer from health issues that are related to their breed.  Some of the most common include things such as hip dysplasia and more.  The good news is that most pet insurance will help to reduce the costs of procedures that may be required to correct these conditions.

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    How Do

    How Does Puppy Health Insurance Work?

    d="attachment_808" style="width: 226px" class="wp-caption alignright">Cheap Dog Insurance
    For about the cost of a large pizza, you can get your puppy covered. Talk about cheap dog insurance!
    Health Insurance For Dogs
    Submitting a claim when using health insurance for dogs is typically a fairly smooth and straightforward process

    Most dog insurance companies function in a somewhat similar manner to what we are used to when we visit the doctor.  The process of submitting a claim to your pet insurer is fairly straightforward and usually works as follows:

    • Visit your preferred veterinary office
    • Make your payment to your vet for your puppy’s treatment
    • Submit your claim to your insurer along with your invoice

    Once you’ve completed the steps above, most insurers will issue you a claim refund within 14 business days or so.

    Is Pupp

    Is Puppy Health Insurance Expensive?

    ople are surprised to discover that puppy insurance can be less expensive than the cost of a large pizza each month.  Generally speaking, most policies will provide full coverage for your puppy for around $30 a month.

    Of course, there are some factors which may increase the cost of your premium.  These would include things such as whether or not your puppy is a purebred or mixed breed, the amount of coverage that you want to get on your puppy and the area of the country in which you live.

    Compare Dog Insurance
    There’s a number of companies to check out when you want to compare dog insurance policy options

    Where Do

    Where Do I Get a Puppy Health Insurance Plan?

    owner, if insuring your pup sounds like something that might be right for you then the next thing that you want to do is compare dog insurance providers to find out which one offers the best mix of costs to benefits.

    Some of the most well known companies that provide insurance for dogs are listed below. Note that they are not listed in order of quality or ranked in any way.  They are listed in alphabetical order and we’ve provided courtesy links to them for your convenience.

    While it’s tempting to just go for cheap dog insurance you may want to keep in mind that you get what you pay for with an insurance plan.  There are a number of providers today so you want to make sure that you do some thorough research to find the puppy insurance company that’s right for you.  In the long run, this is a better strategy than just going for cheaper pet insurance just because it’s well, cheap.

    There are a number of dog insurance reviews websites on the Internet so just take some time to read and learn about your various options.  If possible, contact your veterinary office and ask them if they can recommend any preferred providers.

    Puppy health insurance is just beginning to catch on in popularity across United States and for good reason since it offers dog owners a financial buffer against unexpected expenses that often accompany illness or injury.