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When Do You Neuter a Male Puppy?

When Do You Neuter A Male Puppy?

While most experts recommend it for your dog’s health and well-being (not to mention preventing unwanted litters of puppies), if you’re reading this you’re probably wondering when do you neuter a male puppy?

Although there can be some slight variation amongst dog breeds, the most common age when to neuter a puppy, or perform castration on him, is around the six month mark.  Later on, we’ll touch briefly on spaying as well.  It’s roughly the same procedure but this one is performed on females.

Why Neuter a Dog?

Usually, unless you plan to breed your puppy you really should embrace spaying and neutering.  The reasons for this are fairly straightforward.  Puppies, like humans, are born with certain biological drives that are hardwired.

Why Neuter A Dog

Neutering a puppy is recommended by vets unless you plan on breeding

Like us, puppies have a drive to eat, seek shelter and mate.  As humans, we are able to satisfy their eating and shelter drives but the mating drive (or being “in heat”) is the hardest one to overcome.

Most experts agree that its drive to mate will override both its drive to eat and seek shelter unless we take the responsible step of eliminating that frustration for them by neutering male dogs.  Dog neutering really is the kindest thing you can do to relieve your dog of his frustrations.

According to some estimates, between 4 and 6 million dogs are put to sleep each year in animal shelters.  By neutering your male dog you are not adding to this problem.

Further, neutering your puppy will reduce the risk that they will want to fight with other dogs (because of high testosterone levels), mark their territory or want to stray from home.  Hopefully you’ve become convinced that neutering a dog is a wise decision so let’s take a quick look at the procedure.

The Puppy Neutering Process

Puppy Neutering

Puppy neutering will remove your dog's intense drive to mate and over the long-run will be a wise decision

The operation to neuter a dog will basically ensure that your puppy will not be able to father any offspring.  The procedure itself is fairly straightforward and involves the removal of his testicles through a small incision.

During the procedure the puppy will be under anesthesia so you can rest assured that he won’t feel a thing.

Once the puppy’s neutered and the operation is complete you will be able to take your dog home the same day for what is usually a fairly quick recovery time.  Most neutered dogs tend to bounce back in short order.

Generally speaking, puppy neutering recovery times will range from around 10 to 14 days on average.  However, most puppies will usually return to their playful selves within a couple of days or so.

When Male Puppies Are Neutered Do They Calm Down?

Dog Neutering

It's a myth that dog neutering will calm a puppy down

One of the major myths surrounding neutering puppies is that it will calm a male puppy down.  The simple fact is that a puppy’s energy level is more a function of the type of breed that it is instead of the fact that it’s sex organs are intact.

The simple truth is that the only remedy for calming a dog down is consistent puppy training.  Although neutering a puppy can help to minimize aggression issues the only solution that will work in the long run is proper training.

If you’re still having trouble with your puppy being hyper active even after neutering your dog (and training it) then you may want to consider examining the type of puppy food you’re feeding him as well.

Sometimes dogs can have food allergies which may cause a number of strange behaviors to emerge so this is something else you can consider.

What about Laser Neutering a Puppy?

Laser Neutering

Laser neutering a puppy is faster, requires less time to recover but is more expensive

Laser neutering a puppy is a fairly new procedure in veterinarians’ clinics.  It’s the alternative to using a scalpel to perform the neutering procedure.  The incision is made with a carbon dioxide laser.  In general, recovery times are faster with a laser than with a traditional scalpel.  However, laser neutering equipment is expensive to own and operate which also means that the procedure itself will be more costly.

A Quick Discussion on Spaying Female Puppies

Just like with male puppies, females should also have their sexual organs altered during the first year of life to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Again, if you don’t plan on breeding a dog, the choice to spay and neuter is one of the wisest and kindest you can make as a pet owner.

Spaying Female Dogs

Spaying female dogs can prevent unwanted puppy pregnancies

When you spay a female dog, the ovaries (or sacs which produce eggs) are removed.  Recovery from the spaying procedure usually takes between 7 to 14 days.

Ultimately the decision about the process is in your hands but as responsible dog owners it only makes sense to protect and care for your pet in this way.  With any luck you now know when do you neuter a male puppy as well as some of the related issues and considerations to keep in mind once you do.