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      Yorkie puppies are easy to fall in love with, that much is for sure.

      Yorkshire Terriers range in size from just four to seven pounds; but what Yorkie puppies lack in physical size, they make up for with a big personality. What follows are some facts about Yorkies to help you decide if the incredibly cute puppy would make a good pet for you.

      Yorkshire Terrier History

      The Yorkshire Terrier is classified by the AKC as a toy breed.

      As such they are quite small and their purpose in life is to be a companion. However the word “Terrier” is in the name for a reason. The breed traces back to the Waterside Terrier, which developed after breeding the Paisley and Clydesdale Terriers with the rough coated black and tan English Terrier.

      The Yorkshire in the name is also deliberate; it refers to where the breed originated from in England. Yorkshire Terrier temperament can be traced back to these early days, when Yorkies were used to catch rats in clothing mills. True to their Terrier origin, the Yorkshire Terrier personality is fearless, energetic and fun. As you can imagine, these traits make them very popular.

      Yorkshire Terrier Traits and Characteristics

      The breed standard for AKC Yorkies is quite specific, allowing little room for variation.

      Only one coat type and color is allowed. An AKC Yorkie puppy will be born with black and tan hair which will eventually change to blue and tan. Blue and tan are the only allowable colors according to AKC breed standards.

      The hair should be long and flowing, and therefore will require daily brushing to keep it clean and looking great. Small breeds like the Yorkie can be especially prone to issues with the teeth, so also make sure your grooming routine includes cleaning Yorkie teeth as well as the ears.

      A Yorkshire Terrier puppy will be incredibly small, with adults topping out at no more than seven pounds. They are an excellent candidate for a family pet; but because of the very small size of Yorkshire Terrier puppies, close observation of young children with these puppies is essential.

      While a larger breed puppy might recover fine from an over excited child’s rough play, but a small Yorkshire Terrier puppy will be very vulnerable and need protection.

      Yorkshire Terrier Information and Care

      Toy breeds are known to live very long lives; sometimes as long as fifteen years!

      So help yours to have the happiest and healthiest life possible by taking good care of your puppy from the start. If you decide a Yorkie is right for you, take some time preparing yourself and your home before you even consider bringing a new puppy home.

      Make sure your home is free of hazards and purchase essential items to help care for your tiny new addition. Beyond love and attention, puppies need a crate to keep them contained and safe when you are out or at work, food and water dishes and toys to chew on. Toys are of course not absolutely essential; but if you value your possessions and would rather they not be chewed on, be sure to provide appropriate chew toys since puppies go through teething much like babies do and have a strong need to chew at this time.

      Ask for some recommendations from friends and look around for a good veterinarian. Even better would be a veterinarian that is familiar with toy breeds, or even the Yorkshire Terrier.

      Different types of dogs have different needs and health concerns, so a veterinarian who has experience with the type of do you are getting will be best. Once you bring your puppy home it will be very important to visit your veterinarian regularly and work closely with him or her to keep your Yorkie healthy and happy. A good veterinarian will also provide guidance on a feeding schedule and might be able to recommend a good trainer.

      Familiarize yourself with Yorkie facts before making a final decision about this breed. They are small and fairly low maintenance and therefore make a great pet for almost any living situation. But the Terrier characteristics will likely show up in a spunky, energetic side to your Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

      Yorkie puppies do not require a lot of exercise the way a dog like a Labrador Retriever does, but your puppy will enjoy a daily walk and opportunities to play with you and other family members. You, those around you and your puppy will be happiest if you take the time to train your dog.

      Finding the Perfect Yorkie

      There are several avenues you might take to find the perfect Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

      These include local animal shelters, breed rescues and breeders. If you decide on an animal shelter or rescue, it might take some time to find the right puppy; but it will feel good knowing you have provided a home for a dog in need. A reputable breeder is also a great place to find an AKC Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

      The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America provides some excellent tips on finding a quality breeder. A quality breeder should be a treasure trove of facts about Yorkshire Terriers and will be committed to finding a Yorkie puppy that is a good fit for you.

      These puppies are very popular, and unfortunately with popular breeds it can be difficult to separate the reputable breeders from the rest. Therefore, make sure you check the breeder out thoroughly if you decide to purchase one.

      By taking the time to learn as much as possible and meeting many Yorkie puppies and you will soon be on the path to finding a perfect new best friend.