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Pomeranian Yorkie Mix Puppies – Yoranian Terrier (Porkie) Puppies

Pomeranian Yorkie Mix Puppies

Pomeranian Yorkie mix puppies are bred for the purpose of combining the best qualities of both breeds.

Yoranian Terrier (Porkie) Puppy Quick Stats

» A combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian
» Recognized as an official mixed breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
» Average estimated lifespan of between 10 – 15 years
» Average estimated weight of between 3 – 7 pounds
» Average height of approximately 6 – 12 inches
» Training difficulty – Medium
» Grooming requirement – High
» Exercise requirement – Low

Temperament of the Yorkie Pom

The Pomeranian Yorkie cross, or Yoranians should be affectionate and friendly towards their owners and very loyal. Due to the temperament of the Yorkie and Pomeranian, the Yorkiepom mix are many time referred to as lap dogs.

Yoranian puppies can be a stubborn breed and may require constant training into adulthood to curve unwanted behaviors, such as chewing or digging. They don’t require a lot of exercise due to their small size and are quickly doggie litter boxed trained.

This mixed breed tends to see the male dogs bonding to their owners and also extremely protective. The females also have a strong human bond, but are less protective with a loving demeanor.

Attributes and Characteristics of the Yorkiepom

This mix breed should resemble a Yorkie, a Pomeranian or a visible combination of both. Their ears are usually erect, a barrel or long slender body structure and the tail curled upwards, though there is no breed standard.

The double coat should be either fluffy or long and silky. The cost colors can range from red to parti. All coats will require daily brushings and regular grooming due to shedding.

The Pom Yorkie will range in height from 6 to 12 inches and weight between 3 to 7 pounds fully grown. Due to their small stature they are best suited for apartment life in a single dog household and can live 10 to 15 years or longer.

Caring for Yoranian Puppies

Constant and early puppy training is recommended for this mix breed. They are rambunctious puppies and need a lot of one on one attention. However, they are highly intelligent and love please their owners.

As mentioned earlier, to prevent excessive shedding owners should brush them at least once a day. The Pomeranian Yorkie cross will also require regular grooming, such as bathing and clipping so their long coats don’t become matted.

Pomeranians have quick growing nails need to be trimmed regularly. Long nails can be painful and cause serious paw issues. Therefore, Yorkie pom puppies and adults will more than likely require the same attention.

Buying Yorkie Pom Puppies

As always, research the breeder before buying this or any new puppy to avoid a possible puppy mill situation. Look online for reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Also, once you locate a quality breeder make sure the puppy has a health guarantee of some kind and that you can verify the lineage of the dog. That way you can be sure that they are true Pomeranian Yorkie mix puppies, with the parents being one of each breed.