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    Types of Yorkies – Parti, Biewer, Toy and Colors Galore

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    Types of Yorkies – Parti, Biewer, Toy and Colors Galore

    Yorkshire Terriers are typically thought of as the breed standard of small black and tan dogs with long coats that shimmer when they trot, but other types of Yorkies are being bred and billed as exotic varieties.

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    Different colors, sizes and altogether separate breeds add to the commonly accepted Yorkie to provide more variety for owners looking for pets rather than show dogs.

    Are There Different Yorkie Breeds?

    While there are different types of Yorkies, including teacup Yorkies in addition to the standard size, there is only one breed of Yorkshire Terriers recognized by the American Kennel Club, or AKC. The term “teacup” simply refers to Yorkies that are smaller than normal. Biewer Terriers are considered by some breeders to be a separate breed from Yorkshire Terriers.

    Toy Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terriers are part of the toy group, and Yorkies of this size typically weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. Anything over 7 pounds will disqualify your Yorkshire Terrier from showing by the AKC if you decide you want your Yorkie to be a dog show star, so be sure to watch what you feed her to keep her from gaining too much weight.

    Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

    Teacup Yorkie puppies are extremely small types of Yorkshire Terriers that will weigh less than 3 pounds as adults. Teacup Yorkies can be registered with the AKC and are not disqualified simply because of their size, as the breed standard states only that Yorkshire Terriers must weigh less than 7 pounds.

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    Teacup Yorkshire Terriers have shorter lifespans than larger Yorkies because their smaller size puts them at risk for unique health conditions. The average lifespan of Teacup Yorkies is 3-7 years, compared to 12-17 years for Yorkshire Terriers on average.

    Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

    The Biewer Terrier breed was started in 1984 when a blue, white and gold Yorkshire Terrier was born to one of Mr. and Mrs. Biewer’s Yorkies. The Biewers then spent 5 years creating a dog that bred true. Although it is not yet recognized as a separate breed by the AKC, these dogs have been accepted as a breed by the American Rare Breed Association and have their own following in the Biewer Terrier Club of America.


    Can There Be Different Yorkie Colors?

    cording to the breed standard, the only Yorkshire Terriers color allowed is blue and tan, with possibly a small white spot on the chest if it is less than one inch long. If you look at pictures of Yorkie puppies, you will notice they are actually born black and tan and their adult colors emerge over time.

    Any variance in color is a disqualifier according to the American Kennel Club, but that doesn’t mean a different color isn’t possible if you want a pet Yorkie other than the standard blue and tan.


    Golden Yorkie

    en Yorkshire Terrier is essentially a Yorkie that is missing its dark blue or black color. Golden Yorkie puppies may be a solid golden color or have white markings in addition to the gold. The depth of gold color in Golden Yorkies can vary from almost blonde to a deep rich color.


    Parti Yorkies

    olor Yorkshire Terriers have a tri-colored coat which includes black or blue, white and tan. Because the white color varies from the breed standard, which has only tan and blue, a Parti Yorkie can also be called a White Yorkie.

    White Yorkie puppies are very rare and expensive, although the closely related Biewer Terrier is a tri colored dog and it is possible to get a Biewer Yorkie mix that has a coat with three colors.

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    Black Yorkshire Terrier

    puppies are born with a black and tan coat, as opposed to the adult breed standard color of blue and tan. As your puppy gets older the black color should gradually be replaced with a dark steel blue color, but this color replacement process can take a few years.

    Solid black purebred Yorkies are rare, and the most common way to get a true black coat without any tan color included is to crossbreed a Yorkshire Terrier with another breed that offers a true black coat, such as a Poodle, Pomeranian or other similarly colored dog.


    Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier

    ate Yorkie puppies have coats that do not contain any black, white or any other color but brown. Chocolate Yorkies have their black color replaced with a dark brown instead, making them dual colored with dark and light brown in their coats.

    Red Yo

    Red Yorkshire Terrier

    rkies are a variance on the chocolate Yorkie color. Instead of a deep, rich brown color, red Yorkies have a red tint to their coat that lightens their color and makes it more vibrant.


    Silver Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkies have a lighter blue color in their coats than the breed standard of dark steel blue. These Yorkies typically maintain their tan color and have a light shimmering appearance to their coat.

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    Can Yorkshire Terrier Coats Be Different Lengths?

    Coats are long, glossy and perfectly straight. According to the AKC, Yorkie coats can be trimmed to floor length to allow the dog to move easier and give her a neater appearance. The long hair Yorkie adults have is something they grow into. As puppies, Yorkshire Terriers have a much shorter coat.

    The short haired Yorkshire Terrier is a product of careful grooming for owners that don’t want to deal with the maintenance needs that a long coat has. A common cut for Yorkshire Terriers is the puppy cut, which resembles the shorter coat that Yorkies have when they are younger.

    If you choose to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier as your pet, you can review the different types of Yorkies to decide which color and size of dog would best fit into your life, or visit Yorkshire Terrier breeders that have a variety of types available and simply choose the puppy that tugs on your heartstrings and makes you fall in love with her!